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How to Play Wordle and Master the Viral Word Game



Wordle is an engaging yet addictive word game that has rapidly taken the internet by storm. The goal is to guess a five-letter word within six tries or less using clues from previous guesses as clues for further guessing attempts. Here, we’ll show how to play Wordle and provide some tips and tricks that will help you master this popular game.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a free web game you can enjoy at Each day, Wordle generates a random five-letter word and asks you to guess it by typing five letter words of your own into an input field. After each guess, Wordle generates feedback grid that shows how close or far off from correct you are in guessing the correct word; each color indicates how far from correct you may have come. The grid has three colors representing distance: red, orange, and green for an indication of closeness: red/orange/red/green/grey

Green: When selecting this option, this means that you have correctly guessed a letter that belongs in both words and positions correctly.

Yellow: Means that a letter was found within its intended word but in an incorrect position.

Gray: Means you guessed one that is out-of-place altogether.

Use a feedback grid to reduce your options and identify letters that do not belong in the correct word, and to deduce their positions within it. For instance, guessing “pasta” with two green and two yellow squares indicates that its correct word contains an “a” somewhere between its two green ones.

Each day you can make up to six guesses; if you guess the correct word before using all your guesses, you win the game; otherwise if all your guesses run out and reveal itself at once then game play ends and the correct word is revealed as well. At any point in time you may opt to reveal itself but this will end the game immediately.

Learn Wordle Tips and Tricks today

Wordle is a game of logic and vocabulary. To crack its code, you need both knowledge of words and reasoning skills – here are some tips and tricks to improve your Wordle game:

Start with common letters: In English, certain letters are more prevalent than others. E, T, A, O, I, N S H R D and L are among the more popular options; you could try guessing words with these letters to narrow down your options and eliminate some letters more efficiently.

Word Patterns: Many English words feature patterns of letters that end in E, S or ED that can help narrow down your choices by guessing them and seeing if they match with what was intended in your feedback grid. You can use these patterns to guess words that fit the feedback grid that could potentially match with their correct counterpart and narrow down possibilities further.

Avoid Repeated Letters: Unless you know for certain that the correct word contains repeated letters, try to avoid guessing words with two or more instances of each repeated letter. This will allow you to avoid wasting guesses and eliminate some letters quickly and accurately. For instance, guessing “apple” with two green and one yellow results tells you the correct word has an “e” somewhere; but guessing “allee” instead yielding two green results means only one was wasted as two “e”s appear simultaneously – therefore only one letter eliminated before wastefully guessing an “apple”.

Use a Word List: When stuck or need help checking your guesses, using a word list can be extremely helpful. A word list is simply a collection of words that fit certain criteria – length, letters or patterns. Word lists can be found online or created yourself; for instance you could make one for all five-letter words beginning with A and ending in E for easy comparison to see if your guesses match up against what the list suggests.


Wordle is an addictive word game designed to test both your vocabulary and logic skills. Although easy to play, its mastery can be tough; players need only guess five-letter words within six tries or less using clues from previous guesses as clues from prior guesses. There are various tricks you can use such as starting with common letters, using word patterns or even just using a word list to help solve the puzzle – simply head on over to to start guessing away! Good luck and enjoy!

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