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Yuji Nunokawa Died: Manga Series ‘Naruto’ Founder &Director



Yuji Nunokawa Died

Hey Guys today I’m going to share a shocking news in animated industry, Popular anime giant and the founder of Manga series ‘naruto’ studios Yuji Nunokawa died on Christmas eve 25th of December 2022 at 75. He was more famous in animated industry he was all time star. All anime fans are grieving on the internet and posting condolence messages on Twitter. Yuji Nunokawa was a well-known personality in the Japanese anime industry. As soon as the news took place on the internet everyone on Twitter started posting his pictures and showing their love. Many of followers wanted to know more about him.

Yuji Nunokawa died

On December 25, the anime industry lost one of its most talented character . ‘naruto’ studios  creator Yuji Nunokawa  died at home. Yuji Nunokawa, 75, died suddenly on December 25, at the young age of 75.

Our Team  has been trying to reach out to Yuji’s family and friends in order to find out more information about his death. If our team get any latest update about him I am difinitly shared with you.

Who Was Yuji Nunokawa?

Yuji Nunokawa, founder of Studio Pierrot and a leader in the anime industry, died suddenly on December 25, 2018, at 75.Yuji was born in Sakata Yamagata, Japan on February 11, 1947. He was raised by tailors who loved drawing. He graduated in 1967 after a while. As a colorist, he started his career in a subcontractor company for TJC. He is best known for his work on iconic titles such as Beelzebub and Magical Fairy Persia. Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach are just a few of his many credits. He was also a key player in the creation of the Anime Japan convention.

Yuji Nunokawa Died

Nunokawa was born on February 11, 1947 in Sakata City (Yamanashi Prefecture). After graduating from Nippon Design Welfare College he started working at Tsuburaya Enterprises. He was eventually appointed technical director of several production companies.


He founded Studio Pierrot in 1979. The company has been blessed with a variety of animators in-house since its inception. Pierrot is best known for its emphasis on fighting shonen but the company has also produced many other notable titles. Naruto was one of the most popular titles in the studio’s history. This series marked the beginning of a new era in anime. Nunokawa, the series’ producer, was responsible for its management from the beginning.

He was elected president of the company in the latter part of 2000. Nunokawa was the liaison between the studios and the Association of Japanese Animations. He was president of the Association of Japanese Animations and helped to establish many initiatives in anime.

He helped to found Nuroani Juku in Japan, where he trained young animators. Nunokawa taught students until his death. Pierrot was among the first animation companies to establish a presence in the international anime market. Pierrot was one of the most loved brands in the field with the introduction of Naruto. He also worked as a freelancer on many productions, such as Mushi Productions or Tsuburaya Enterprises.

Tributes To Yuji Nunokawa

Yuji Nunokawa died: Yuji Nunokawa is responsible for Pierrot’s remarkable achievements. He held a variety of roles in his career, including producing and directing. Yuji had already been involved in the supervision of many major shonen titles. He was involved in the creation of The Association of Japanese Animations. Now, the Suginami Animation Museum manages the annual report and collaborates with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry for the annual Anime Japan convention.

Nuroani Juku was also started by Yuji to train animators, producers and directors. This was done in collaboration with Atsushi Wakabayashi and Kazunori Mizuno (late animators).


We regretfully announce the death of Naruto Studio Yuji Kunokawa’s founder, who was 75 years old, and one of Japan’s most beloved legendary anime directors, producers, and animators. He died suddenly on 25,12,2015. His family has not yet revealed the cause of his death. His family and friends are devastated and unable to communicate with the media. People are using Twitter to express their grief and show love by sharing photos, writing obituaries, and praying for him.

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