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Wolf Webster Name Of Kylie Jenner Child



Wolf Webster

Wolf Webster: Kylie Jenner explains why she chose not to name her baby Wolf Webster when she gave birth. In February, the businesswoman in beauty gave birth to her second child, a boy. Just a few days after her birth, Travis Scott, her boyfriend, named their son Wolf. Travis Scott is a rapper. Read on to know more about Wolf Webster name of chil of Kylie Jenner.

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Kylie Explained She Didn’t Like Wolf Webster Name For Her ChildWolf Webster

The Kardashian-Jenner’s youngest child, however, told her mother that she had changed the name of her son because it “just didn’t feel right”.

Fans have speculated about the name of Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Cosmetics, as she has not revealed her child’s name to the public. She is six months old. Fans discovered a video that Kylie discussed with her husband about why she changed their son’s name. This has fuelled the flames of ongoing rumors.

A recording of Kim and Travis discussing their baby’s name was posted to a Kardashian fanpage in April. It is taken from a segment of Travis’s Family Appearance with Entertainment Tonight.

“Wolf wasn’t on our list. It something Khloe proposed and I liked it. He just wasn’t there,” Kylie commented, pointing out that Khloe, her older sister, suggested the name. “I loved the name but it wasn’t him,” Kim Kardashian and Khloe agreed that they “love” the name. Kim stated that it the hardest task in the world to name a child.


The interviewer then asked Kylie if she had made a decision on a name. She replied “no.” Kim confirmed that her sister had chosen a name for the baby girl after further investigation. However, the name has not disclosed to the public. The Knight, Jacob and Jacques fan theories have received the most support.