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Why My Girlfriend Is So Mean To Me?



Why My Girlfriend Is So Mean To Me?

Why is my girlfriend so mean to me: In any event, when you believe that the person you love the most is always being disrespectful to you, you’re obliged to seek solutions. Continue reading to know more about the ways to tell if a woman has multiple partners.

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Why is my girlfriend so cruel?

Why My Girlfriend Is So Mean To Me?

When the person you love most constantly disrespects you, you must seek remedies. “I do everything for my partner and get nothing back” may feed your hatred.

What is the source of her apathy and hostility? Is she antagonistic, or is this simply the way she is? How can you get rid of the “my girlfriend is always rude to me” thoughts that never go away?

Your Girlfriend Is Rude To You? 9 Possible Causes

When she closes your car door too hard or expresses displeasure, you may wonder, “What did I do?”


It’s common to feel locked in a self-feeding loop of hatred. When asked why they’re dissatisfied, a spouse would ask, “Why don’t you know?” “Must I explain everything?

Here are 9 possible reasons that she can be rude to you.

You did something to make her angry

One of the most obvious reasons she’s acting as if you don’t exist when you’re there next to her is because you messed up someplace, sometime. You might not comprehend exactly what you did right immediately, but her best buddy is well aware of what transpired.

Anger is in the air

In some cases, when there appears to be no single definable occasion that led to the animosity you’re feeling, it might be a case of resentment in the relationship that continues to build.

She is not genuinely offended; it is simply her nature

If you expect to always be linked at the hip with your spouse, it’s reasonable if she becomes agitated and needs her own space. Have you ever considered that this is simply how she is as a person, and that she requires more personal space than you do?


Consider how snuggling all the time isn’t her thing. Or, she’s simply talking the way she does, and she’s not trying to be cruel.

You Guys are not compatible

According to research, incompatibility is one of the leading causes of divorce. It’s reasonable that if you and your partner don’t see the world through the same lenses, there may be some discrepancies.

If you’re a die-hard meat eater and your spouse is a dedicated vegan, it’s easy to see how your beliefs differ. Resentment in your relationship may develop as a result of your profoundly divergent worldviews.

You are in a one-sided relationship

While your spouse doesn’t care about you, doesn’t want a future with you, and is considering a split, it’s very obvious that they won’t be too concerned with the tone they use when speaking to you.

A one-sided relationship lacks love, concern, and affection. When the spouse who isn’t as invested becomes upset, they won’t be concerned with what they say or how they say it.


If you find yourself wondering, “Why is my girlfriend so cruel to me but sweet to everyone else?” you may be in a scenario where she’s making it painfully clear that she doesn’t care about you.

Perhaps she is anxious

For example, you’ve just returned after a difficult day at work when two of your coworkers wrote you unkind emails, and you were delayed in what felt like the world’s longest traffic jam on your way home.

When you get home, you find out that the report you turned in needs to be changed right away. If your spouse comes in for a hug and begins kissing you in the middle of all that, you’re not going to be in the best of moods, are you? Similarly, your partner may be worried out about a couple things going on in her life.

You communicate poorly

Do you tell your spouse or put ketchup on their fries instead of mustard to send a message? Passive-aggressive conduct in partnerships can convey the sense of mutual hatred.

People don’t talk to each other because they’re afraid of a fight, which leads to passive animosity. Big words, but what we’re trying to imply is that you don’t know how to communicate with one another.


She struggles to restrain her wrath

If there are no eggs in the fridge when she gets up, she’s not good at controlling her fury. Maybe she’s young or you’ve tolerated her poor conduct in the past. You must manage your partner’s fury.

She could have her menstruation

According to research, women who are experiencing PMS have higher levels of rage and weaker levels of anger management. While science supports you on this, don’t answer to her angry/irritable attitude with, “Oh, are you PMSing?” Hearing anything like that isn’t pleasant, and it may aggravate her.

5 Steps You Can Take If Your Girlfriend Is Rude

Here are 5 steps that you can take if your girlfriend is rude to you.

Give her space, or ask for some

When every conversation with your partner turns into a shouting match, personal space can help. Not every issue demands immediate resolution, and taking some time to collect your thoughts lets you return with hushed voices and a more respectful tone. If you need space, tell your partner.

Some introspection may be necessary

Even if you’re certain you did nothing to enrage her, attempt to approach the subject objectively. Perhaps she anticipated a couple things from you that you didn’t deliver on, or you said something vulgar that she remembered.


Consider what went wrong and how you may make it right. Keep in mind that the only way to get to the root of any antagonism is to show empathy for your spouse. You’ll understand what bothers your spouse and why once you put yourself in their shoes.

Communicate effectively

True, communication is the cornerstone to a healthy relationship. However, if you’re yelling at your spouse and giving them a piece of your mind over something they said, communication isn’t getting you two anywhere.

Instead, make sure you do it the proper way. Instead of criticizing your spouse and using terms like “always” or “never,” try using “I” statements and talking about the issues respectfully.

Try to comfort her

If she’s being rude to people around her because she’s stressed out, perhaps you can come to her aid and cheer her up (isn’t that what being in a relationship is all about?).

However, as previously said, it is critical that you determine just what would assist her. Rather of thinking that a massage will make her feel better, ask your spouse what you can do for them. It would spare you the embarrassment of returning the masseuse because your partner responded, “When have I ever requested for a massage?”


Don’t accept rudeness, but respond carefully

After a certain point, you must draw a line and take a stance. If you are being disrespected, it is critical to remember that encouraging such conduct will only lead to further disappointment in the future.

If you believe the relationship contains contempt toward you that you are unable to accept, make your feelings clear. However, doing so in a wrath will just exacerbate the situation.

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