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Why Did Tony Patrico Leave Rizzuto Show? | Text Controversy



Tony Patrico

Tony Patrico Leave Rizzuto: Tony Patrico is the well-known radio host who has left KPNT 105.7 FM. After he was accused of sending explicit messages via social media, it happened.

Two Twitter and Facebook profiles shared photos of Patrico asking women to share explicit photos via social media.

The station’s official Twitter account announced that Tony Patrico was no longer a member of The Rizzuto show or Hubbard Radio. Details here.

Why Did Tony Patrico Leave Rizzuto Show?

The show will return tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., as promised. Scott Rizzuto, another presenter, commented on the news, saying that he was unable to give any further information about Patrico’s departure. He stated that everyone was in shock and that it has been difficult for them all.

He continued, “We are depressed and upset.” Tony was calling us. He is our friend. This is a difficult task. We are overwhelmed with sympathy and understanding for all involved.


Tony Patrico Leave Rizzuto

After going off-air for a time, Patrico made a announcement about his absence thirty minutes later. Tony Patrico was born Anthony J. Patrico on September 12, 1985. His radio show appearances are what make him famous.

He began hosting The Rizzuto Show, 105.7 The Point in 2014. Scott Rizzuto and Moon Valjean, King Scott and Jeff Burton were also co-hosts. Tony and his coworkers have discussed many topics on the podcast throughout the years.

What Happened Tony Patrico?

According to The Point (105.7 FM), Radio, Tony Patrico has been fired from The Rizzuto Show. The announcement was made on 105.7 The Point’s Twitter page.

Twitter message stated that Tony Patrico was no longer associated with Hubbard Radio and was not a member the Rizzuto show. Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m em, the show will resume as planned.


Patrico hosted The Rizzuto Show with Moon Valjean and Jeff Burton (who died last year after a long battle with prostate cancer), Patrico was recently absent from the show after he had kidney cancer surgery years ago. Hubbard Radio and the Point have yet to make any other announcements about Patrico.

Who Was Tony Patrico?

Tony Patrico enrolled at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Although his wife’s identity is not public, he is married to and father of three children. He regularly shares photos of his family on social media; the latest was December 3, 2022.


Inappropriate text messages Tony Patrico sent to a woman (Image via HellNoPatrico/Twitter)

Tony Patrico was reportedly fired from the Rizzuto Show, KPNT 105.7 FM. According to the station Patrico sent sexually suggestive messages and jokes to his fans. He also asked for pictures of his nudes from girls.

Patrico was accused by several women of asking them for nudes a few weeks back. Several screenshots were taken of Patrico’s texts. Patrico allegedly also offered rewards to send video of his sexual acts.

According to the station’s twitter page, Patrico was fired on December 19, after the allegations were made. He previously asked that the screenshots be withheld.


Patrico declined to comment, even though the station refused to comment. He also requested that the radio station answer his questions. His last radio interview was December 3.

According to reports, Patrico was posting photos of his family members on his social media accounts. He did not reveal the identity of his wife.

According to some reports, Patrico was a patient of kidney cancer surgery many years ago. He weighed in at 400 pounds when he was his largest. He has seen a dramatic weight loss since then. He is determined to remain healthy.

Patrico was joined on the Rizzuto show by Lord Scott, Moon Valjean and Moon Valjean. During the podcast, they discussed a variety of topics.

Patrico was suffering from weight problems, so he needed to have weight loss surgery. He was making $74,847 per annum at the time. He has lost around 100 pounds since the surgery.



What is Tony Patrico’s age?

He is 7 years old.

What is Tony Patrico’s Networth?


Was Tony recently fired?

Yes he was recently fired.

What is Tony Patrico’s height?

He is 5ft 10 Inch.

 How many children does Tony Patrico have?

He has 2 sons and a daughter.



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