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Why Did Rapper Tay K Sentenced For 55 Years In Jail?



Tay K Sentenced For 55 Years

Rapper Tay K Sentenced For 55 Years In Jail: Tay K, a rapper, was found guilty and sentenced to a 55 year prison term. This happened after Ethan Walker, 21 years old, died. He has been arguing on social media that the sentence would have been shorter if it wasn’t for his race. A Tarrant County jury found him guilty of murder in July 2019.

In addition, he was charged with participating in Walker’s murder during a home invasion. Tay K was only 16 years old at the time of the incident. His real name is Taymore MacIntyre.

Why Was Tay K sentenced To 55 years In Jail?

In addition to a long prison sentence, he was also given two additional 13-year sentences for two other counts of robbery. For one act of aggravated theft, he was sentenced to a 30-year term. A $21,000 total fine was also assessed to the rapper. Tay K posted on Twitter that he wouldn’t have been sentenced to a 55-year term if he was a “little boy”.

Tay K Sentenced For 55 Years

On Twitter, he wrote: “I believe that if I was a little white child, they wouldn’t have sentenced my to 55 years for the crime I was accused with having the least involvement in when it was 16; they would give me rehabilitation on account of the fact that I wasn’t fully formed at that time.” He stated in a separate tweet that, contrary to his friend, Pimpyz, who received a 30-year sentence, his co-defendant Pimpyz was given 10 year probation.

Tay K was arrested along with six others on suspicion of capital murder in July 2016 following the death of a Mansfield, Texas narcotics dealer. Sources say that Tay K and two women entered the house to entice a teenager with the intent of obtaining cash as well as narcotics. Ethan Walker, the dealer, was killed in the ensuing confrontation.


McIntyre was placed under house arrest in January 2017. He waited for legal proceedings. McIntyre and his companion disengaged their ankle monitors, and fled to San Antonio, Texas where they killed Mark Anthony Saldivar (23), during a heist.

Another incident saw the rapper being accused of robbing and assaulting a 65-year old man until he was unconscious. Tay K wrote The Race while he was running; it was about his escape from the police.

Who Was Tay K?

Rapper Tay K was sentenced to 55 years imprisonment for his race. According to the rapper, if he were white, his sentence would not have been as severe.

Tay K was part of the Arlington, Texas rap band Daytona Boyz. According to reports, he worked with Santana Sage and Pimpyz. He dropped out of highschool and began focusing on his music career in his early years. He was a huge hit with “The Race”, which went platinum.


Tay K spent three months on the run after recording and releasing his hit song. He made several videos during his run. One of these was the “Race” video. This video has been viewed over 174 million times on YouTube.

Tay K was 16 when he was involved in a home invasion robbery. Although he didn’t shoot anyone, prosecutors stated that he knew of the plan to rob drugs and money.


Tay K was convicted and sentenced to a 55 year prison term. He was also convicted for aggravated robbery. He will be eligible for parole only after he has completed 27 and a quarter years of his sentence.


Tay K is currently in Lon Evans Correction Center, Texas. He is scheduled to be released in 2047. His mother, Owney, and the parents, Ethan Walker’s parents, have filed a lawsuit. For More Article Follow 

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