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Why Did Lamont Lee Lewis Shoot His Wife Tivona Fogg?



Lamont Lee Lewis Shoot His Wife

Lamont Lee Lewis Shoot His Wife: A very  tragic incidents occurred on December 25th 2022 occassion of christmas eve that day a news scattered on social media from Hampton, US A man Lamont Lee Lewis shoot by gun his Wife Tivona Fogg many shot .  Hampton police officer arrested a man who allegedly killed his wife with gunshots. You heard it right. On Tuesday night, warrants were filed for Lamont Lewis’ arrest based on the lethal act he committed against Tivona Fogg. You can find all the information.

Why Did He Shoot His Wife Tivona Fogg?

According to the official sources or exclusive report and some neighours statements, the couple initially had an argument about the compatibility of misunderstandings. This was confirmed by their neighbor during interrogation. They also revealed some shocking facts that pointed to the violent nature Lamont Lee Lewis. They were not fighting for the first time.

Who Is Lamont Lee Lewis?

However, they had been in an argument before. If you are wondering who Lamont Lewis Lewis is, it is because he is the one accused of murdering his wife in Hampton. Although the motive for his actions are not known, the family plans to hold a candlelit vigil on Wednesday. It is important to point out that the vigil will not be held at Lewis’ house. It’s being held at Hampton’s Twin Lakes Circle, 10 Twin Lakes Circle. Participants are asked to bring their candles. Noting that Lewis has a criminal record is important. His Hampton arrest warrant has been filed and Lewis must appear in court next month.

What Happened Lamont Lee Lewis?

According to reports, Lamont Lewis Lewis killed his wife several times, but she didn’t count her last breaths. He also pierced her chest, and a few bullets were found inside her chest bones, according to the medical team. The incident was later discovered by the authorities, who quickly reached the scene to collect the evidence and detain the defaulter. They took the victim’s body into custody and seize the gun as well as the entire house so that no one could enter.


After searching the house thoroughly, Tivona Fogg (Lewis’ wife) was found with a gunshot wound in the chest. This was speaking out all along with the severity of the incident. Their daughter Lenora Fogg also gave her statement to authorities. The police will now proceed with the proceedings so that the perpetrator can be punished. We will keep you informed of any developments as they occur, since no one has the right to kill in a particular way.

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