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Who Was Renee Geyer? Australian Singer Died At 69



Renee Geyer Died

The Australian famous singer Renee Geyer died on 17/01  from complications following hip surgery We are deeply grieving the sad news of Renee Geyer’s unfortunate passing.

Renee Geyer died at 69 years old and moved to Melbourne on the 17th of January 2023. Ours time she was so beautiful, she was also called Queen.

after come to the officialy her death. Uncounted reactions began to flood social media sites. It is sad because no one could have imagined that their faces would collide with such terrible news. Follow for more Articles.

Renee Geyer Died

Australian {jazz and soul} singer Renee Geyer has died on the 17th of Jan, at 69 after complications related to hip surgery. According to the reports, Renee was diagnosed with lung cancer complications.

Renee Geyer Died

This was causing her to deteriorate and affecting her vital body-organs. She was being kept under medical observation in order that they could bring her back to health.


However, her health refused the cure. Despite this, Renee’s Medical Team could not accept her failure. They provided everything, but her health was beyond their control. She had to leave the world.

Who Was Renee Geyer?

Rene Geyer was born on March 31, 1953 in Melbourne, Australia. As a teenager, she began singing. She was able to make $6 per week for the first three months. Rene Geyer was a well-known and respected singer of soul. She was regarded as “one of the finest” in the music industry.

According to reports, Renee Geyer, a 69-year old American singer and music composer, was one of the most prominent exponents jazz, R&B Idioms and Soul. Rene Geyer, an Australian soul singer, died at the age of just 69.

Geelong, Australia, on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, was the place where she died. She was inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame in 2005. Her albums were among the top 50 on the Australian charts.

She also collaborated with many well-known artists. Her most loved songs included “It’s A Man’s Man’s World”, “Say You Love You” and “Restless Year.”She recorded with Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt and Sting while she was in the US.


After her time in the USA, she returned home to Australia and began recording alongside Paul Kelly. Rene Geyer was a pioneer of the Australian music scene.

Inducted into the Music Victoria Hall of Fame as the first female inductee in the hall in 2013, she was also inducted. She was awarded the first Australian Women in Music Awards lifetime achievement award.

Tributes To Renee Geyer

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