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Who Killed Mursal Nabizada? What Happened Former Afghan MP?



Who Killed Mursal Nabizada?

Who Killed Mursal Nabizada? A very shocking news come out from Afghannistan an horific incident occurred on Saturday, 14 January 2023 around 03 AM. An Afghan former MP Murshal Nabizada and her bodyguard were both killed in the horrific incident.

Both were killed in a gunshot accident at their Kabul home. Who killed both of them till now not clear. below more article provide how killed both of them. For latest more article reading you can visit on

What Happened Former Afghan MP?

The shooting happened around 03:00 AM on Saturday, according to local police chief Molvi Hamidullah Khalid. A former Afghan female legislator and one of her bodyguards have been killed at her home in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, police have said.

Who Killed Mursal Nabizada?

Mursal Nabizada, her bodyguard, and one other were both killed in the attack. She remained in Kabul. Her brother and another security guard were also hurt. The third security guard fled the scene with cash and jewelry.

The police began an investigation. Investigators continue to collect more evidence. Molvi Hamidullah Khalid (the local police chief) stated that she died on the first floor, which was her office. He also stated that the investigation was ongoing and didn’t give much information about this horrible incident.


Who Was Mursal Nabizada?

Mursal Nabizada, a Kabul female parliamentarian, was Mursal Nabizada. She was among the few women who remained in Kabul after the Taliban took over in August 2021. The United States supported the Afghan government until 2021 when the Taliban overtook it.

In 2018, Ms. Nabizada was elected as the Afghan parliamentarian. She was among the few female legislators to have remained in Kabul after the Taliban overtook it. A former colleague said that she was a “true pioneer” and a “fearless champion of Afghanistan.”

Who Killed Mursal Nabizada? Investigation By Police

This investigation is ongoing by police. They have not revealed much information about the incident. Both were killed by unknown assailants. Police have not yet determined who they killed.

Local media reported that the incident occurred on Saturday morning. Nabizada was shot along with her bodyguard at 3:00 a.m. Her brother was also injured. Another security guard fled the scene, and was seen taking jewelry and money from the incident.

Investigative efforts are ongoing. Khalid Abdullah, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, stated to the AFP news agency that he was not yet able to determine motives of the assailants.

Tributes Pouring on Social Media

Many people have shared their grief on social media. We are still waiting for more information on the shooting incident


Sara Wahedi Posted

Mursal Nabizada was a member of the Afghan parliament. She stayed in Afghanistan. She did not leave after the Taliban took over the country. MP Nabizada was shot dead in her home today. Afghanistan is hell on earth for women.


Qays Posted

This was Mursal Nabizada, a former Afghan MP and lawmaker in Afghanistan. She refused to leave the country despite her life being at imminent risk because she wanted to be a beacon of hope for women. She was shot dead today in her home by the Taliban.

South Asia Index Posted

Kabul:— Former Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada was killed by unknown gunmen in her home in Kabul. Nabizada was a critic of the Taliban’s ban on women’s education. She had refused to leave Afghanistan despite threats.

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