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Who Killed Gogo Manzini? Popular South African Sangoma Shot To Death



Who Killed Gogo Manzini?

Who Killed Gogo Manzini Died? Gogo Manzini the famous Sangoma, is no longer among his closest ones or admirers. Her untimely death on 11 Jan 2023 at the age of 62.

Uncounted people began to express their sorrow as they learned that the news was being spread on social media. You can find more information about how almost everyone is supporting the family during this difficult time.

According to exclusive reports, Gogo Manzini, alias Lee Sonti, died on Wednesday. Her body was discovered in the pool after she had left a lot of blood. The pool was turning red.

It was speaking out all along with the severity of the crime. The woman’s body had multiple cuts, and almost everyone was shocked to discover her condition. No one could have predicted that she would die this way.

Who Killed Gogo Manzini Died?

Gogo Manzini famous Sangoma was shot and killed by unknown persons on Thursday, Jan12, 2023. While returning from a party, she was twice shot in the head. This tragedy was tragic because she was murdered on her birthday.


Who Killed Gogo Manzini?

Online footage of Gogo Manzini, who is found lying in a pool blood and with large crowds of people surrounding her holding mobile phones in their hands is emerging. This graphic footage has been shared online via TikTok and YouTube as well as Twitter and other social media platforms.

Who Was Gogo Manzini?

Gogo Manzini, a South African sangoma, was very popular. Her fancy dance moves and energy were well-known. Her family and friends were shocked to hear of her death. Despite her advanced age, she was an accomplished member of her community.

She was also a well-known spokesperson for Marikana’s Lonmin miners. She was also a gifted philanthropist in her spare time.

Although there is no evidence to support her murder, the family and friends of her have not forgotten about the rumored cause. Her body was found in a pool with numerous cuts. There will not be any funeral services until the police get to the bottom.


Widely shared online was a viral video showing her covered in blood. It is not clear who killed her. Her fans are not happy that she isn’t visible on a number of social media accounts dedicated to her.

The Manzini family has been supported by many people. Police are still investigating the death of Manzini and will soon have more information. The Manzini family will continue to live with the loss until then.

Gogo Manzini was a Sangoma. Her contributions to her community were innumerable, and her influence was felt all over the world. Her talent is not all that she has done. She was also a loving mom to two.

Tributes To Gogo Manzini 

After viral news of sangoma Gogo Manzini’s death on different social media, people are paying tribute to the late lady who was killed in a depressing way.


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