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Who Is Luka Modric Wife? Vanja Bosnic All About Her



luka modric wife

Hey Viewers Here Today  I will share about Luka Modric Wife, recent days going on FIFA world cup So Crotia Captain Luka Modric more famous in this world cup so many of fans wanted to know all about him and his family bacground. Now days Our team observed many of viewers wanted to see about Luka Modric and his  Wife Here I will explain about Luka Modric Wife Life Style,  Relationship, Professoin, and Many Of things, that are not reaveled on Social media. You continued all about her….

Who Is Luka Modric Wife? Vanja Bosnic

Vanja Bosnic, 37, is three years older that her husband Luka Modric. Vanja met Vanja while Vanja worked at Zdravko Mmic’s sports agency in Zagreb. Modric’s wife, Mary, would become his agent and negotiate a huge deal that will take Modric to Real Madrid in 2012.

She prefers to be discreet, unlike most WAGs of today. Vanja Bosnic was born April 2, 1983. She is the wife Luka Modric Vanja Bosnic, although she has left Mamic Sports Agency now, is still involved with the football business. As you might guess, she is also Luka Modric’s current agent. Vanja Bosnic is not active on social media, unlike many other wags. You won’t even find her public Instagram account.

Vanja Bosnic is most well-known for her role as the wife to Luka Modric, the Real Madrid star. Vanja Bosnic is Vanja Bosnic’s mother. Milan Bosnic was Vanja’s father and he owned his own restaurant. Vanja’s parents divorce. Vanja’s mother was an economist and Vanja decided that she would follow her lead and enroll in university. Vanja Bosnic attended the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Zagreb.

Vanja Bosnic Relationship Luka Modric

Vanja Bosnic was 39 years old when she was born July 18, 1982. Vanja Bosnic is three years older than her husband. Vanja Bosnic, who was born on Vanja Bosnic’s birthday, is a Cancer. This indicates that she is sensitive and emotional. Cancer-born people are usually great friends and will always be there to help when you need them. Vanja Bosnic was a Croatian citizen, so her nationality may be Croatian.


How Did Luka Modric meet Vanja Bosnic?

Vanja and the midfielder met while Vanja worked at Mamic’s sports agency. The former was a client of Dinamo Zagreb’s. Modric’s wife, who was married to Tottenham, has since left the agency. They were married in Zagreb, Croatia in May 2010. Vanja, the agent for the Mamic midfielder, secured a huge deal to bring him to Real Madrid in 2012 after he left Mamic.

Vanja Bosnic Body Measurements

Vanja Bosnic was born in April 1983. She is 37 years old and has the Aries Zodiac sign. We’ve already mentioned that she is Croatian and of Serbs heritage. She is a Christian, and is most well-known for being the wife to football player Luka Modric.

Vanja Bosnic is 171 cm tall (or 5 feet 7 inches high), and weighs 55 kgs. She is 123 pounds. Her body measurement is 36-26-38. Her hair color is Blonde and she also has brown eyes.

Name Vanja Bosnic
Age (as of 2018) 37 years
Husband Luka Modric
Physical 36-26-38
Height 171cm
Weight 55kg

 Professionals Life

Vanja Bosnic, a professional football agent, started her career at Mario Mamic’s agency Mamic Sports Agency. It was here that she met Luka Modric. Their agency was responsible for Modric’s move from Dinamo Zagreb (now Tottenham Hotspur) to Dinamo Zagreb. They began to date and Vanja Bosnic soon became Modric’s personal representative.

Vanja Bosnic, who is an expert in football and negotiation, knows everything about Luka Modric and the importance of the game. She also knows how to help her husband. Vanja Bosnic is a smart and competent manager in the workplace. Vanja Bosnic has been licensed by FIFA. You may be familiar with the agents of star football players.


What year was Modric married Vanja?

They were married in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. Modric’s former Tottenham team-mate and Croatian team-mate Vedran Korluka was their best man. Three weeks after their wedding, Ivano, the couple’s first child was born, Ivano. Sofia and Ema were their two daughters.

Vanja Bosnic And Luka Modric

The lovely couple met for the first time in 2007 when Vanja Bosnic, Mamic Sports Agency’s then-worker, transferred Luka Modric from Dinamo Zagreb in order to play for Tottenham Hotspur, in the English Premier League. Their relationship began with a business call that lasted for about three hours. Luka Modric stated that the phone call was pivotal in their relationship and made many changes. They were together for 3 years, and they got married in Zagreb in 2010.

Vanja Bosnic, her husband Luka Modric, have three beautiful children. Their first child, Ivano Modric, was born just a few weeks after the parents’ June 6th 2010 wedding. Vanja Bosnic was pregnant again and gave birth to Ema Modric on the 25th of April 2013. This was their second and first child. Sofia Modric, their second daughter, was born to them on October 2, 2017. She is now 3 years old. Luka Modric is a well-known Croatian midfielder and footballer. He finished second in the 2018 World Cup with Croatia and won many titles with Real Madrid.

Vanja Bosnic’s Net Worth, Income And Lifestyle

According to some sources, Vanja Bosnic is earning around 1.5 million US Dollars per year. Her primary source of income is the commissions she receives from negotiating husband’s football club contracts.

We’ve already mentioned that there is not much information available about Vanja Bosnic or her life, due to her inactivity on social media. Luka Modric occasionally shares family photos that show Vanja Bosnic. You can see that they live a luxurious life as the wife of a millionaire footballer such as Luka Modric.


According to some sources, Vanja Bosnic is earning around 1.5 million US Dollars per year. Her primary source of income is the commissions she receives from negotiating husband’s football club contracts.

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