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Who Is Jesiree Dizon? & Jesiree Dizon Relationship & Boyfriend



Jesiree Dizon Relationship

Jesiree Dizon Relationship: Now days on social media more searched about Jesiree Dizon’s partner’s name is Shemar Moore who is an American actor. He is well-known for his roles such as Malcolm Winters.

American actress Jesiree dizon, now is trending across multiple platforms since her dating rumors online. The model is now a hot topic due to the fact that the rumors have spread all over the internet. Her name is everywhere and everyone seems to be talking about it.

Jesiree Dizon Relationship

Now days a rumors scattered on social media Jesiree Dizon is currently dating Shemar Moore, a TV and big-screen artist. Some sources say that Jesiree Dizon has been dating two men simultaneously.

Jesiree Dizon Relationship

Shemar Moore is Become a dad at the age of 52 with his Girlfriend Jesiree Dizon. He is so happy,  We are unable to confirm this as speculations about the same have been spread all over the internet.

According to the only information available, Dizon is currently in a relationship Shemar Moore. The duo have been romantically involved for quite some time. Their relationship is also confirmed by the fact that they have been spotted together a lot of times.


According to reports Jesiree Dizon is currently dating Shemar Moore, a TV and big-screen artist. Moore is an actor of 52 years from the United States. He was born in Oakland, California on April 20, 1970. His most well-known role is that of Malcolm Winters in The Young and the Restless.

Who Is Jesiree Dizon  | Pregnant With Her First Child

Jesiree Dizon was born August 29, 1983. Dizon, who is based in Hawaii, is most well-known for her roles as Dizon in movies like Hawaii Five. This isn’t the only film Dizon has appeared in, but she was also featured in many other films and television shows.

Jesiree Dizon is an American actress, model, and social media celebrity who is currently pregnant with her first baby. It’s not surprising that this is her first child after being romantically involved for many years with Shemar Moore. 

They have been seen together many times. They haven’t confirmed their pregnancy, however. According to reports, they are expecting a boy.

They have been together for a while now, and their relationship is strong. However, reports suggest that they may have been cheating during their 15-year friendship.


Jesiree is also known for her role as the Hawaii Five-0 actress in 2010. Her role in True Blood, an American horror film from 2008, was also notable. She has been in many films and television shows over her career. But her most memorable appearance was on the crime thriller CSI: NY.

Despite being an actress, she is still able to make decent money in her field. In 2023, her net worth was estimated to be $3 million. Her height is 1.75m and her weight is 59kg.

She has received praises for her role in “Criminal Minds” during her professional career. She was an actor’s star on the show. She was awarded an award.

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