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Who Is Grace Stanke? Everything About Miss America 2023 Winner



Who is grace stanke

Now days a news scattered on social Media recntly organised Miss America 2023 was the 95th edition of the Miss Americacrown on December 15, 2022 at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Connecticut. A 20-year old Grace Stanke crowned Miss America 2023, a great deal of people are interested in learning more about Grace Stanke and the reasons she is currently trending on social media.

As a result, Grace Stanke will also be included in this article. On Thursday, December 15, 2022, Grace Stanke took home the crown of Miss American 2023. She already  two other renowned titles- Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2017 and Miss Wisconsin 2022. She is the third Miss Wisconsin who crowned Miss America.

She is a UW-Madison student who has been majoring in nuclear engineering. For her and his family members, it is a very memorable occasion. 51 contestants that were vying for the title competed in the beauty pageant. She received a $50,000 scholarship in addition to the title. She is using the forum to share and advocate for nuclear power. For additional details on the news, scroll down the page.

Who Is Grace Stanke?

Grace Stanke, who earned the title of Miss American in 2023, is currently in the news online. Under the account @ grace stanke, Grace Stanke has more than 3600 followers on social media. But now that she has been named Miss America 2023, that is certain to increase. She identifies herself as a “nuclear nerd that likes to ski and travel” on her Instagram bio. She made 154 posts on Instagram, the most of them are related to her achievements in beauty pageants. Please read the entire article since you have come to the appropriate place for more information on the news.In March, Grace Stanke was crowned Miss Badgerland and used her social media presence to inform her followers. She belongs to the Wisconsin Waterboard and the Ski club as well. She enjoys taking part in many competitions for the same reason and succeeding. She was crowned Miss Madison in 2021. The current Miss American 2023 winner’s social media profiles suggest that she enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Numerous reactions have been reported in the media after this news broke.


Grace Stanke Social Media

 Instagram page
 Twitter @Grace_Stanke


Grace Stanke Mis America 2023 Winner Wiki

On Thursday night, Grace Stanke was named Miss America 2023. She is the third Wisconsinian woman to receive the title. She will be studying nuclear engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where her father is a civil engineer. She is also engaged in the Clean Energy, Cleaner Future social impact project.

Stanke is a model as well as being passionate about politics. She is attempting to persuade decision-makers to improve the environment. She is an outspoken supporter of renewable energy sources. She is also concentrating on nuclear energy and wants to dispel myths about it.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Stanke is a senior. She worked as an undergraduate research assistant at the Reactor Technology Integration Lab while she was there. She was a National DYW (formerly Junior Miss) winner and won the documentary division of the National History Day competition. She plays the violin in a classical style.


Since last year, Stanke has been seeing Ridge Vanderhei, her boyfriend from college. She is also a founding member of the nonprofit organisation Clean Energy, a Cleaner Future. She wants to encourage girls to think about jobs in STEM subjects.

Name Grace Stanke
Full Name Grace Stanke
Born on April 30, 2002
Place of Birth Wausau, Wisconsin, United States
Grace Stanke Height 5 foot 11!
Body Slim
Weight 60kg
Nationality American
Boyfriend  No
 Education Bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Age 20 years in 2022

History In The Miss America Crown

Her triumph Thursday wasn’t whenever she first has worn a crown.

As a 13-year-old she previously contended in the Miss Wisconsin Remarkable High schooler association. Stanke won Miss Wausau’s Exceptional Adolescent in 2016 and afterward in 2017 caught the Miss Harbor Urban communities’ Remarkable Youngster. She became Miss Wisconsin Exceptional Adolescent that year.

She proceeded with her prosperity a couple of years after the fact becoming Miss Madison in 2020-21 (she was a semifinalist in the Miss Wisconsin rivalry last year). Stanke returned for the current year and won Miss Badgerland prior to taking the Miss Wisconsin 2022 title in June.

She also crowned Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2017 title and Miss Wisconsin 2022 title. Prior of winning Miss Wisconsin 2022 title, she also bagged Miss Badgerland title in March.


Stanke Plays The violin beautifully

At age 8, she began playing the instrument, which immediately became one of her loves. As a teen, she displayed this talent throughout the Miss America pageants. On the greatest screen, she later shone.

Stanke impressed the judges with her classical performance and earned the Miss America Talent Tuition, bringing home $2,500 in scholarship money.

Special Facts About Grace Stanke

Your curiosity regarding the newest Miss America must be piqued. Miss America, the most adored beauty pageant, had 51 contenders fight for the crown until Grace Stanke was named the winner.

Grace Stanke utilises a variety of social media sites, such as Instagram, where she has a following of about 11.7. Her Instagram following has increased drastically after winning Miss America.

She also announced the winners of Miss Wisconsin Outstanding Teen 2017 and Miss Wisconsin 2022. She also won Miss Badgerland in March before winning Miss Wisconsin 2022.



Who crowned the Miss America 2023 title?

Grace Stanke

Who is Grace Stanke?

She is a nuclear engineering student studying at the University of Wisconsin.

What is the age of Grace Stanke?


20 years

What is the height of Grace Stanke?

5 foot 11!

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