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What Is Karen? Its Meaning, Origin & Uses



What is karen

Karen is a derogatory epithet for an entitled white lady. Memes commonly show white women using their privilege to get their way. 2020’s birding incident in Central Park was remarkable.

The phrase is ageist, sexist, racist, classist, misogynistic, and controls women’s conduct. As of 2020, the phrase was used to criticize middle-class white women amid the COVID-19 epidemic and Black Lives Matter rallies. The phrase also describes masculine conduct. Read on to know more about it.

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Describe Karen

What is karen

A privileged white woman is referred to as a “Karen” in this pejorative term. Memes often depict white women making use of their privilege in order to acquire what they want.

The behaviors of having a bob cut, being racist, and demanding to “speak to the boss” are shown. The birdwatching event that took place in Central Park in 2020 was extraordinary.


This ageist, sexist, racist, and classist word controls women’s conduct. It’s misogynistic. By 2020, middle-class white women were targeted during the COVID-19 epidemic and Black Lives Matter marches. The phrase also describes masculine conduct.

Origin Of Karen

African-Americans disparage aggressive white women who “weaponize” their position. antebellum “Miss Ann” (1815–1861). “Barbecue Becky,” “Cornerstore Caroline,” and “Permit Patty” were popular before “Karen.”

It has many origins. Amanda Seyfried’s airheaded character in 2004’s Mean Girls, Dane Cook’s 2005 comedy “The Friend Nobody Likes,” and a 2016 Internet craze about “antisocial Karen” all used Karen as a joke punchline. In December 2017, Karen memes about entitled women started with karmacop9’s ex-wife.

Black folks use the phrase to refer to unreasonable white women. Black Twitter popularized the term to describe white women who “tattle on black kids’ lemonade sales.”

Meaning & Its Uses

Heather Suzanne Woods, a Kansas State University professor who studies memes, says a Karen has a feeling of entitlement, a need to whine, and a self-centered attitude to others. Woods says a Karen “demands the world exist according to her standards without regard for others and is ready to endanger or insult others to attain her aims.”

Rachel Charlene Lewis, writing for Bitch, says a Karen doesn’t see others as individuals and instead “fights impersonal conglomerates of lesser-than humans”


The meme caricatures Karen as demanding to “talk to the manager” of a service provider. Anti-vaccination ideas, bigotry, Facebook overuse, and a bob hairstyle with blond highlights are other stereotypes.

The mid-2019 emergence of Tropical Storm Karen in the Atlantic hurricane basin led to memes likening the storm to the stereotype. Users joked about the storm needing to “talk with the boss” and photoshopped the “Karen haircut” onto the cyclone or its anticipated path.

Domino’s Pizza aired an ad in Australia and New Zealand giving free pizzas to “good Karens” in July 2020; the firm then apologized and deleted the ad.

In 2020, a spoof commercial for Girl of the Year portrayed a figure as the “Karen” stereotype, sporting a track suit, bob hairstyle, and wielding a semi-automatic weapon while brazenly breaching COVID-19 face mask requirements.

The usage of their name and trade dress “disgusted” American Girl. Boing Boing rejects American Girl’s lawsuit against “Karen” parodies, highlighting the difficulty of satirical advertising.


BBC named Wall of Moms in July 2020 “Middle-class, middle-aged white women who aren’t Karens. Activists saw the Wall of Moms as leveraging their privilege to resist systemic racism and classism that Karens exploit.”