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What Happened Jay Briscoe’s Daughters After Car Accident? Official Update



Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

Jay Briscoe’s Daughters Gracie & Jayleigh Car Accident : Hello Friend a very shocking news come out about wrestler Jay Briscoe’s Daughters Gracie and Jayleigh Car Accident Update Josh Wharton, a family friend of the late Jay Briscoe, has provided an update on the health of Gracie and Jayleigh, Jay’s daughters who suffered severe injuries by auto accident that led to the wrestler’s death.

On Tuesday, 17th January 2023, Jay Briscoe a well– known wrestler breathed last at his hearthstone after  being battled against severe health complications of accidental injuries at the age of 38,

What Happed Jay Briscoe’s Daughters?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Jay Briscoe was on his way to reach home as he wanted to meet his son first, and therefore, he was coming furiously but spontaneously lost all control over the accelerator and suddenly collided with an immense object which made the entire auto damaged and came the cause of his end.

Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

Because multiple bones of Jay Briscoe had formerly been broken to such an extent including the chine and therefore, he was having the issue to survive ahead, and just in a veritably short time period, he’d to leave the world.

Jay Briscoe was the notorious wrestler and he was driving his two daughters when they were involved in a auto accident. He failed after the crash. His son Gracie was injured and is now witnessing major surgery. She was a pupil at the University of Arizona.


The crash passed on a two- lane road in pastoral Delaware. The truck that was driving swerved across the center line. This redounded in the crash. It isn’t clear if alcohol was involvedstill, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is still probing the crash.

Jay Briscoe’s woman , Ashley Pugh, posted an update on Facebook. On the post, she asked for prayers for the family. Her daughters, Gracie and Jayleigh, are in critical condition. They’ve experienced exigency surgeries. But croakers don’t know if they will be suitable to walk again.

During the crash, Jay Briscoe also killed another person. According to Ashley Pugh, her daughters were in the auto when it crashed. As a result of the accident, the two girls are in the sanitarium in critical condition.

before this week, Ashley Pugh participated a sad communication on her Facebook runner. She said she’s floundering to manage with her loss. And she’s asking her musketeers to supplicate for her and her family.

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