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Uche Nwaneri Dead: Former [Jacksonville Jaguars] Player



uche nwaneri dead

Uche Nwaneri Dead : Many official news claim that Uche Nwaneri, a former offensive guard for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has died at 38. According to the Lafayette Journal and Courier, Nwaneri had traveled from Georgia to Indiana in order to visit his wife. He was unresponsive in her West Lafayette bedroom at 1 a.m., and she called 911 on Friday. Carrie Costello, Tippecanoe County Coroner, told the publication that preliminary autopsy results indicated that there was no foul play and that he might have suffered from a heart attack. These toxicology results are still being analyzed.

Jordan Woy, his ex-agent, said that Uche was “a great person.” “He was an interesting person with deep, valuable and informative thoughts about sports, politics, and life. Nwaneri was born in Dallas in 1984 to parents who immigrated from Nigeria in 1973. His parents called him Uchechukwu Nwaneri in their native language, meaning “God’s will”. Per the Lafayette Journal & Courier, he committed to playing for Purdue University’s football team in West Lafayette, Indiana.

uche nwaneri dead

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected him in the fifth round of the NFL draft 2007 and he played seven seasons with them. Per NBC Sports, he played 104 games and made 92 starts for the Jaguars. After being released by the team, he signed briefly with the Dallas Cowboys in 2014. He was then released as part of the final roster cuts for 2014.

He started “The Observant lineman” a YouTube channel where he and former NFL players would discuss recent football games. Two weeks ago, he uploaded his last show where he broke down Philadelphia Eagles play. Many football fans posted tributes to Nwaneri on Twitter, including Tony Khan (chief football strategy officer of the Jacksonville Jaguars) and Shahid Khan (son of the owner). Nwaneri, he said, “forged strong bonds with Jags fans that have remained until today.”



Sports Columnist Eugene Frenette  wrote on Twitter that Nwaneri was “one of the coolest cats to ever occupy [the Jaguars’] locker room. Opinionated and so loveable.”

mourning his loss.