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 Two Police Officers Killed In Bay St. Louis



Two officers killed

Today’s a shokcking news scattered on social Media from Mississippi, two police officer killed It is a very big issues because who protect public they were killed. According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Bay St. Louis police were confirmed Two Police Officers Killed  in St. Bay Louis, Mississippi. This shocking news is now moving online. Mississippi Governor. Tate Reeves confirmed that two officers were identified. On Wednesday, the officers were shot by a female. Everyone began searching the internet for all the details about the incident after they learned of it. This article will provide all the information If get new update I will recently share on

Police Officer Branden Estorffe And  Steven Robin | How They Died?

Both officers were identified by the governor of Mississippi. He identified them both as Branden Estorffe (23), and Steven Robin (34). The Mississippi Department of Public Safety issued a statement following the incident. Officials stated that the officers responded to a call for welfare checks from the Bay St. Louis Police Department. The motel is located on interstate Highway 90, which runs through the Gulf Coast. According to the department, the officers arrived at Motel 6 hours before the local time on Wednesday. A 43-year-old female was seen sitting in a vehicle parked with a minor. According to the Department, the officers encountered the subject.

Anderson was interacted with by the officers for approximately 30 minutes. DPS stated that Anderson subsequently contacted the Department of Child Protection Services. According to the DPS statement, Anderson shot both officers and then killed herself. Later, on Wednesday, authorities confirmed that Steven had died at the scene. Branden was also taken to the hospital. After a short time, he died. People are appreciating their sacrifice, and social media is overflowing with tributes and condolences for their loved ones.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation continues to gather all evidence. Once they have completed their investigation into this crucial incident, they will share it with media and make it public. Media keeps trying to reach their families, but they are unable to. Twitter users are sending prayers and tweeting support for Branden, Steven. People are sending their condolences to their families and strength-filled messages, as they go through a difficult time. We will keep you updated if we receive any information or updates regarding the incident.


Authorities said that two Mississippi police officers were killed and wounded by a woman who shot at them from her SUV in a Motel 6 parking garage on Wednesday morning. Amy Anderson, 43 years old, fired at police officers after arriving for a welfare check at 4:30 a.m. She spoke with them for approximately 30 minutes, investigators stated. Bay St. Louis police Sergeant. Police said that Steven Robin and Officer Branden Estorffe were both killed in the gunfire. Anderson was carrying a child in his car. The officers called the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to report that Anderson’s child had been shot. According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Robin, age 34, was declared dead in the lot. Estorffe, aged 23, was taken to the hospital and died. Police said Anderson was found dead from a gunshot to the chest.


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