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Two Kids Killed Age 2 & 5 Found Dead In Dagenham | Woman Arrested



Two kids killed

Nowadays, many  unfortunate tragedies are spreading their feet in all over the earth and almost every time these pieces of stuff lead to an untimed departure of someone, but it is not necessary that someone adult of old lost their life even sometimes such incidents lead to a demise of kids as well. Similar is again coming to the fore, from Dagenham, found two kids killed at around 02:00 pm on Friday, 16th December 2022. mysteriously at their residence, and ever since the news occurred a strange buzz took place. In this Article, you can explore everything.

Two Kids Killed, Aged 2 and 5 In Dagenham

As per the exclusive reports or sources, emergency services were rushed to a residence in Dagenham where they found 2 children dead at around 02:00 pm on Friday, 16th December 2022. Yes, you heard right, the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service were sent to a location on Cornwallis Road in Dagenham.

Initially, the two had been sent to the nearest medical center for treatment where doctors pronounced them departed while asking them to bring them back to their house for the cremation. Because they had already lost their lives in a certain manner that doctors turned helpless ahead of the health complications.

As soon as the news is getting surfaced on social networking sites uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines to such an extent, as no one had even imagined that someone can cross their limit to such an extent, especially with children.

 What happened After Kids Found Dead In Dagenham

According to the official report, the premises of the crime spot has been seized as the investigation has taken place and soon the officers will find the defaulter out while sending them into custody. A woman and a man have been arrested in connection with the death of two young boys in Dagenham, east London. The boy’s bodies were found in Cornwallis Road, Dagenham, and police launched an investigation.


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The mother, Odette Lysse Joassaint, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Officers said they had been called to the home in Dagenham at around 2:00 pm on Friday. The man and the woman were arrested shortly after. They were both known to the children. The boys’ families were informed of their deaths.

Authorities have asked the public for information. The man and the woman remain in custody. Specialist officers are supporting the family. They have arranged post-mortem examinations. The boys’ formal identifications will take place in the coming weeks.

The men wanted to abduct and sexually abuse a pre-teen boy, according to reports. They had pushed him into a car, which the driver claimed was lost. The men were also looking for a fair-haired boy. During their investigation, they claimed they were looking for a pre-teen boy in a Peugeot 405 that they believed was lost.

The driver, Daniel Handley, had been fixing a bicycle chain in Beckton, East London, when the men drove up. He was asking for directions, and the men pushed him into the car. The drivers then attempted to abduct and sexually abuse the child. The police and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene. The men were later found guilty of murder, and both were jailed for life. If you intersted to get  latest world news you can follow Newslangmedia.comAnd search on website Different Categories.


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