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Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Husband Found Alive In Costa Rica



Carole Baskin Husband Found Alive

Carole Baskin Husband Found Alive: The year before there were reports circulated that The Tiger King star, Don Lewis has been dead however, It was not normal for everyone because it was declared officially in 2002.

Unfortunately, the actress’s wife Carole Baskin has captured the interest of the globe after she announced that her husband was alive. According to reports her ex-husband Don Lewis was reportedly found alive in Costa Rica.

The news is now becoming viral on social media , and everyone who is a person who loves Don Lewis is getting curious to find out more.

Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Husband Found Alive

In a interview in November 2021 on the ITV show This Morning, Carole Baskin who is 61 she revealed that her husband, who was identified as dead following his disappearing just a few years earlier was actually alive and healthy.

Carole Baskin Husband Found Alive

In addition, Carole told that she did not know about her husband’s death until the second series airing on November 20, 2021. In addition, she made reference to the blog she runs called Big Cats blog to the New York Post,” I was not aware until the series TK2 aired”.


 According to reports her ex-husband Don Lewis was reportedly found alive in Costa Rica. The news is now becoming viral on social media

Who Is Carole Baskin?

All of this, Carole Baskin revealed on the Internet,” Homeland Security reached out to the Sheriff’s Detective George Fernandez, and they said my husband is alive and living very well in Costa Rica”.

According to sources her ex-husband Don Lewis went disappeared in 1997. He disappeared aged 59. He was reportedly around 84 years old If he’s still alive.

If you’ve been following the most recent Tiger King Netflix docu-series, you’ve likely heard many rumors about the disappearance and death of Don Lewis, the former owner of a large cat sanctuary. It was believed that he’d gone for good, however his body is been discovered.


In an episode from The ITV’s This Morning, Carole Baskin disclosed that her husband had actually been discovered alive. She also said that she was in contact in authorities from the US Department of Homeland Security concerning the issue.

The homeland security department has been in contact to Don Lewis, so that’s one aspect. There are however a lot of rumors about the possibility that he actually was murdered and buried in Costa Rica.

The show has caused people to demand Baskin’s deportation. But, the show did paint a negative impression of Baskin and has fuelled speculation. The department’s homeland security letter has been released, but it isn’t acknowledged by department officials.

Although Baskin was not able to appear during the second episode due to the focus on the Lewis incident, she’s opened out about the allegations against her. Her lawyer has stated that she believes there’s some truth in the allegations, but doesn’t intend to become involved since she doesn’t know anything regarding the documents.

In the age that is social media the story has sparked arguments on Twitter. A few fans believe Don Lewis is still alive While others are skeptical.


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