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Telugu Actor Haranath’s Daughter Died | Padmaja Raju



Haranath’s Daughter Died

Haranath’s Daughter Died: We are deeply sad to announce the tragic passing of Haranath’s daughter Padmaja Raju, a popular Telugu actor. The Telugu film industry suffered a terrible year in 2022 when several well-known celebrities died. Ramesh Babu (left), Sarath, M Balayya Tatineni Rama Roo, Krishnam Raju, Krishnam Raju, and Tatineni Rama Rapo all died this year. Padmaja RajuTelugu Actor Haranath’s daughter also died on 20/12, Wednesday at the age of 54 by a heart attack.

The 54-year old Padmaja Raju recently published Andalanatudu, a book that narrates the story of his father Haranath. The book was published by late superstar Krishna. The actress revealed that she was planning to introduce one of her sons soon as a producer before her death. “Arrangements are already being made in this regard. Another producer from our household will soon step forward to enter the film industry.”

Haranath’s Daughter Died

The news of the actress’ passing has caused a lot of sadness within the film industry. Padmaja was the beloved producer GVG Raju’s wife. Srinivasa Raju, her elder brother, was also a producer. Her husband produced many films, including Gokulamu sita and Tholi Prema. Pawan Kalyan was the hero. He was also the director of Godavari, which was directed by Shekhar Cammula. His father Haranath was well-known for films such as Bhishma, Seetha Rama Kalyanam and Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam.

Telugu Actor Haranath’s daughter died

According to the reports, Haranath’s daughter Padmaja Raju died  on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at her home. Soon, she was diagnosed with heart problems and suffered from strokes that affected her breath. So, her family rushed her to the nearest hospital to inform her about her condition and to give her more breaths.

Unluckily, her health did not work with the treatment, and she died untimely, something that no one could have predicted. This news scattered all over India rappidaliy because now days Telugu movies was going on famouds all over India and some other country also Many one also compare Telugu Industry by Bollywood.