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Teenage Boy Killed After France And Morocco Semifinal



FIFA World Cup 2022 Riots Semifinal

Teenage Boy Killed : It is shocking news for French and Moroccan news  on wednesday 14/12 many of fans exicited to won  semifianal II for France and many are Moroccan. After Winning semifinal by French 2-0 on Wednesday’s second semifinal of FIFA World Cup. Many of French followers and Moroccan followers fight to each other According to media reports, a teenage boy from Montpellier, France, was killed in the melee.

Local officials claimed that the boy had been “violently struck” by a vehicle. According to Herault, a department in southern France that treated the boy, the boy was taken immediately to a hospital. The 14-year old died from his injuries despite all the efforts of doctors. According to French media reports, police are still searching for the driver of this car.

Teenage boy  killed After France And Morocco Semifinal

After the World Cup semi-finals, French and Moroccan football fans clashed in France and Belgium. Riot police have been trying to keep order. Scenes from Montpellier and Nice in southern France showed people fighting each other, setting fire to garbage bins and launching flares at each other. Cops used water cannons and batons to calm the crowds. Around 100 Moroccans gathered in Brussels, throwing fireworks at police stations.

However, they were dispersed quickly after tear gas was used to disperse the crowd. After Les Bleus knocked Morocco out of the World Cup, 10,000 police officers from France and Belgium prepared for chaos on the streets. Paris is home to around 2,200 police officers. Many of them are equipped with riot gear and have barricades and police vans lining the Champs-Elysees.

A shocking video has been released showing the moment that a teenager boy was run over on Montpellier’s streets by Moroccan fans following the World Cup semi-final defeat to France. The boy, aged 14, was among a group of Moroccan supporters who were marching down Rue de la Mosson. They came across a white hatchback that had a French flag out its window. The group descended upon the car and attempted to take the flag from its owner. When panic set in, the driver made a hasty U turn to cross into the oncoming lanes and make a quick getaway. The teenager sustained critical injuries after he was pulled under the car’s wheels by several people. He later died after being transferred to a local hospital, according to authorities.


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