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Take The Bit Life Mean Gilmore Bit Life Challenge: Master How To Stalk People In Bitlife And Become A Mean Girl



Gilmore bit life challenge

Gilmore bit life challenge

The Gilmore bit life challenge is now live, offering players the chance to complete specific tasks and learn how to start rumors in Bitlife. Discover all of your options here!

Bitlife is a text-based simulator that lets users live another life. Users begin at birth and progress through elementary school, middle school, and beyond – giving them complete control of their character’s path in life. The Mean Girl Clique has even created the Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge as an incentive for players to complete.

Take the Gilmore bit life challenge 

This challenge allows every player to live their fantasy of being one of the mean girls. To complete this challenging quest, here’s what needs to be done:

  • Be a female
  • Join the Mean Girls clique
  • Start spreading rumors about 10+ friends
  • Convert 10 or more friends into enemies
  • Insult 10+ classmates

How to join the Mean Girls Clique?

The first part of the challenge is fairly straightforward – players just need to select female gender for their characters. But then comes the more challenging part – becoming part of the Mean Girl Clique! But being part of that exclusive group requires some prerequisites that must be fulfilled first.

Players must strive to increase their popularity at school, as the Mean Girls Clique is the most sought-after group in school. To be accepted into this elite club, students must either match or surpass that level through socializing, joining groups, participating in extracurricular activities and more.


How to Start Rumors in Bitlife?

Many players have been wondering how to start rumors in Bitlife. To do so, players need both luck and effort: firstly, they need friends with whom to interact, socialize, and compliment; secondly, luck requires waiting for random events at school that could cause these same friends to spread rumors in Bitlife. This requires patience as players must wait for these random events to unfold so that their circle of influence expands exponentially.

How to make friends into enemies in Bitlife?

Now the players must turn friends into enemies by insulting, spreading rumors and doing negative things to them. To insult classmates, players must first join the Mean Girls Clique and then go over to the school tab on the menu where they can choose to interact with any of their classmates in a hostile manner.

When selecting this option in the interact section of a dialogue box, make sure that insult is selected as your option.

Once all tasks have been accomplished, players will have successfully completed the Bitlife Mean Girls Challenge.

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