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Tabish Hazir Died: PTI Leader Shireen Mazari’s Husband



Tabish Hazir died

According to reports, Dr. Tabish Hazir was the husband of Dr. Shireen Mazari (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf leader). Tabish Hazir died in Canberra on Wednesday 21 December 2022. Imaan Mazari, a lawyer and activist for human rights, revealed that her father Dr. Tabish Haizir died after he lost his battle with cancer. Today at 4pm, Dr. Tabish Hazir’s funeral prayer will be said in Lahore’s B Block Model Town He is no longer with his closest ones and admirers.

This is a great matter of grief since no one could have imagined that he would leave the world in such a way. Below is everything you need to know about the sad news that he is no longer among his close friends and admirers. Tabish Hazir (the husband of Shireen Mazari, a PTI leader) died in Canberra on Wednesday. Twitter user Imaan Mazari confirmed this news.

Tabish Hazir Died | Shireen Mazari’s Husband 

According to the reports, Shireen Mazari (PTI leader). He died in Canberra on Wednesday 21 December 2022.  according to exclusive sources. However, no one is able to determine the exact cause. The family does not make any comment or statement about his death, and so no one can confirm the news. There are rumors that he died from fatal illness.

Tabish Hazir died

According to reports, his medical team tried to save him by providing the right treatment so that he could return to normal life and get well soon. He was forced to leave the planet by the god of death, which was very heartbreaking.

“Dr. After a courageous battle with cancer, Tabish Hazir passed away. It is hard to imagine life without him, but his example taught me how to be strong. He left us in peace, grateful to God. He was a beacon of love, comfort, laughter, and joy to so many people. RIP aba, your heart beats in my heart,” Imaan Mazari said.


Famous Islamabad pediatrician Dr. Tabish was. He was the husband of Shireen Mazari, a prominent politician, and the father to Imaan Mazari (a well-known lawyer). However, he remained out of the spotlight.

He was a tireless advocate for the elimination of polio from Pakistan. He had repeatedly urged Pakistani parents not to interfere with polio administration teams.

Dr. Tabish was also a champion for mother and child health. Tabish stated that poverty makes it more difficult for children and women to get the nutrients they need. He actively supported breastfeeding and highlighted the negative effects of formula milk.

Dr. Tabish Hazir stated that mothers should breastfeed their babies exclusively for at least six months. Formula milk is a root cause of many illnesses, including diarrhoea. Over Dr. Tabish’s death, politicians, businessmen, and human right activists offered condolences.

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