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10 Symbol Of Unconditional Love



Symbols Of Unconditional Love

Symbol Of Unconditional Love: You probably think of love when you think about current symbols of affection, such as chocolate hearts, glittering jewelry, and chocolate bars. Read on to know more about symbol of unconditional love.

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Unconditional love symbol

Symbols Of Unconditional Love

You probably think of love when you think about current symbols of affection, such as chocolate hearts, glittering jewelry, and chocolate bars. These are all beautiful symbols of love and devotion. However, there are many other unique symbols of love that have been around throughout history.

It may surprise you to discover that love symbolism is a tradition that has existed for many generations. You can find beautiful and fascinating love symbols all over the world.

There are pages of stories that tell the story of lovers trying to find and keep their perfect companions. No wonder presents were used back then to show affection. While many of these symbols are still in existence, others are less well-known.


These 12 love symbols, along with their meanings, are unique, romantic, musical, culinary, and even delicious!

1. Harpist

The Celtic love symbol, the harp, is used as a bridge between heaven & earth.

According to Icelandic and Norwegian folklore, the harp’s strings resemble a ladder. This symbolises love’s ascent to higher levels. Harps are traditionally used in love ballads because of their delicate tones.

The harp is a symbol of Christianity. According to legend, King David played the Harp to the Lord to express his love and devotion.

2. Swans

They have been a sign of love and devotion for a long time. Swans will always be together.


They often have their beaks together, and their necks making a heart shape. As a sign of their love, they are often linked to the Roman and ancient Greek goddesses of love.

3. Rose Quartz 

In Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and Chinese mythology, rose quartz is found. Since 600 B.C., this pink stone has been used to symbolize love. !

When you utilize it with purpose work and meditation, rose quartz is supposed to help you appreciate yourself more and attract the sort of romantic connection or love you desire. People say that rose quartz makes you a “love magnet.”

According to Alexandria Barker, Gemstone Therapist, rose quartz is a crystal which expresses calm, unconditional love. It opens your heart and teaches you how to love. Wearing the stone will remind you to love yourself, to accept yourself and to attract what you truly desire.

4. The Claddagh 

The traditional Irish love emblem is made up of a crown and two hands. The Claddagh Band is a timeless piece of jewelry. 


He took a little bit of gold each day throughout his imprisonment to make a ring for Margaret, his true love. After accumulating enough gold, he made the ring and fled. He then gave it to Margaret. He was absent and Margaret remained loyal, so she accepted the ring!

5. Apples

In Norse and Greek mythology, apples symbolize undying love. Apples were considered to provide abundance and help couples build healthy, long-lasting relationships.

To throw an apple at someone was to love them in ancient Greece!

Even though it may not be romantic to give an apple to someone, making an apple pie for them might be a great modern take on an old tradition.

6. Cupid

In Roman and Greek art, Cupid is often seen armed with a bow and arrow. This symbol represents his ability to penetrate hearts and cause people to fall in love. Cupid is often seen wearing a blindfold to signify love’s blindness.


7. The love knot

The love that endures for all time is represented by a Celtic sign that consists of loops that never begin or finish. It is a sign of love that lasts forever.

8. The infinity symbol

Just like the Celtic love knot, which consists of interlocking loops with no beginning or end, the infinite is a sign of everlasting love. Numero infinitum was a romantic emblem in ancient Greece, Rome, and India.

9. Roses

Red roses are a sign of love and marriage all over the world. Many red roses are associated with beautiful goddesses from Roman and Greek mythology.

Every rose has its own meaning.

  • Yellow is a color that represents joy and love.
  • Red represents passionate affection.
  • Pink represents deep love.
  • White is the color of purity and innocence.

10. Seashells

They symbolized love in Rome, Greece, and India. Shells symbolise Venus, Aphrodite, and Lakshmi in Roman, Greek and Hindu faiths. The shells’ strong shells represent the protection of love.