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Subrata Saha Died: West Bengal [TMC] Minister



Subrata Saha Died

New Delhi Report: Subrata Saha Died: Subtara Saha, the West Bengal minister, recently died, He was an Indian politician, Subrata Saha was a politician in the Trinamool Congress[TMC] Minister of West Bengal State, died on Thursday  29/12 by a heart attack. He served as Minister without portfolio and as minister of State for Public Works within the Government of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee current CM of West Bengal expressed her grief at his passing, and many minister and all over Indian politician express their grief and shared tweet on social media. His death has been widely reported on the internet, and many are offering their condolences. Many people are praising him on social media.

Who Was Subrata Saha?

Subrata Saha was born in Murshidabad on 5th December 1953. He was a lawyer and a businessman, but his main career was in Indian politics. He also served as Minister. He was the Minister of State for Food Processing Department, and was also an MLA from Sagardighi (Murshidabad).

Subrata Saha Died

His greatest contribution to politics was his time as a member in the Trinamool Congress, and his tenure as a minister within the state government. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly for the Sagardighi Constituency in 2011. He returned to his district as Minister of State for Public Works after his time as a Member in Parliament. He was out of office as of May 2014.

Subrata Saha was an active member of the Modern Language Association as well as the state legislature. He was a three-time Murshidabad TMC legislator. A seasoned politician, he served the party faithful at both the local and national levels. He was a senior leader in Mamata Banerjee’s party’s long and distinguished tenure.

Saha was not only a stellar soldier, but he was also well-known for his foibles. Saha was a stern politician who dragged his feet when it came to major policy issues. He was also a frequent target of political attacks, which led to his removal from his position as minister in 2014. He was able to remain on the right side for many years and, at the end, was a politician most people could support.


West Bengal Minister Subrata Saha Died

Sources say he died at Murshidabad Hospital on Thursday morning. After being in contact with an ill person on Wednesday night, he died at 10:40 on Thursday 29th December 2022. He was admitted to Murshidabad medical college in Berhampore. After being rushed to the Hospital’s critical care unit, he died immediately. Although cardiac arrest is the cause of his death, nothing has been confirmed. After receiving any additional information about his death, we will update this article and share it with you.

Current CM Mamata Banerjee (TMC) expressed her grief at his passing. Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of the West Bengal and Trinamool party, expressed grief over his death. She stated that he had just undergone gallbladder surgery. He was an important leader in the party.

In the last few years, several key Trinamool Congress leaders have been lost. The party’s supremo was beaten on the head in 1990 by a CPI/M youth leader. He was kept in hospital for one month after that attack. After meeting six family members who had been killed in an accident on the road, he was also attacked by an unknown mob.

His wife, one son and a daughter in-law survived him. His family was also there. According to his family, he felt pain in his chest suddenly and was transferred immediately to the hospital. He was taken to the hospital the next morning, and he died from the pain in his chest.

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