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Steve Harvey Wife Marjorie Harvey Follow Fashion Trend



Steve Harvey Wife

Steve Harvey Wife: Steve Harvey is well-known for his traditional suits and ties on Family Feud, but Marjorie Harvey prefers to experiment with new styles in fashion. Read on to know more about Steve Harvey Wife.

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Steve Harvey Wife Marjorie Harvey Following Fashion Trends

Steve Harvey Wife

Marjorie and Lori, her daughter, went to the Valentino spring 2023 show during Paris Fashion Week on October 2. Lori’s mother’s bold pink outfit what really caught attention on that night. Lori looked amazing in a transparent black suit with a sleek haircut and sunglasses. But it her mother’s outfit which really made heads turn.

Marjorie wore a feather jacket with button-down sleeves and tight slacks over stiletto heels. To complement the outfit, Steve’s wife wore simple diamond stud earrings and rhinestone-studded cateye sunglasses. A little purse also included. Her hair slicked back, and she used natural makeup to complement the outfit.

Steve Comments On Marjorie Post

Steve quick to respond enthusiastically to Marjorie’s beautiful photographs. But he wasn’t the only one who appreciated her work. He posted a statement on Instagram claiming that she the “baddest lady in Game period.” Eva Marcille, an ex-cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta tweeted: “I’m here to support ALL of this @marjorie Harvey.” “Gworlllllll!!!! “Gworlllllll!”


Family Feud fans were quick to voice their opinions about the appearance of Family Feud’s host. One participant replied, “I simply cannot !!!!.” As their answer to the question. Another person responded, saying, “She never lets me down.” You have a beautiful appearance. “A different follower was praised for its grace and elegance.

Marjorie, in connection to fashion, has left an imprint on Steve’s wardrobe, thanks to Elly Karamoh. Elly is his personal stylist, and ensures that Steve follows all the latest fashion trends.

He shared his thoughts with GQ in October 2021. “I guess the primary point for me was Elly.” He works alongside my better half, which was how I first came in contact with him. My wife is a fashion enthusiast… Marjorie Harvey is going to be hot so I didn’t want me to appear old-fashioned.

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