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10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back But Won’t Admit It



Signs Your Ex Wants You Back Won't Admit It

Signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it: We’ve all been there the ranting over the phone, the lengthy messages, the last “it’s over” remark, and the instant “I’m independent” sensation that follows. After five minutes, though, they realize they made a mistake and want you back. But they can’t call you since it would signal they’ve lost the war.

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Signs Ex wants you back but won’t admit it

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back Won't Admit It

We’ve all been there—the ranting over the phone, the essay-long messages, the last “it’s over” line, and the instant “I’m independent” sensation. They realize their error within five minutes and want you back. They can’t contact you since that would suggest they lost.

Pride is a terrible medication that doesn’t help much. If you’ve been dumped, you may imagine your ex is living large. They’re undoubtedly lonely and thinking they made a mistake. How about it? Not now. You can tell whether they want you back, though.

Here are 10 signs that your ex still wants you but won’t admit it.


They are still furious

You continue to receive “f*ck you” text messages and furious phone calls. If someone was truly satisfied with the outcome, they would not continue pestering you with furious texts. There would be no need for it. If your ex isn’t being the most considerate, it’s because they’re wounded.

They moved on really swiftly

You only broke up a week ago, and they’re already seeing someone they met at a bar last night. People may be amusing. And it’s clear that they’re attempting to avoid the pain by slipping into another relationship. They haven’t moved on, and when that happens, they never do.

Overcompensation on social media

They go out every night, and Facebook is full of pictures of them drinking beer and laughing. It could make you nauseous, but only because this is a common move.

Yes, it’s depressing, but some individuals need to show their ex that they’re having a great time without them… while crying on the inside.

Public depression

They appear unclean, their hair is becoming longer, and they may not have shaven in a while. It’s not because they’re attempting to emulate the grunge style. If your ex appears to have let themselves go, it’s because they have. Why? Because they have finally understood they are a moron.


They remain out of the spotlight

They’re suddenly nowhere to be seen. They’re not posting on Facebook, admiring your Instagram photographs, or doing anything else. They’re in a lot of pain. To entirely disconnect from social media and go out suggests you’re in a lot of pain.

They make a “checking-up” call

You just broke up, but they’re contacting you to check how you’re doing with it. Making sure you’re not depressed and spending your days crying in front of the TV.

Ironically, that is most likely them. Their “are you okay?” phone call clearly shows that they are not.

They have their accomplices spy on

They may be your buddies, but don’t imagine for a second that they aren’t alerting your ex about what and how you’re doing. They may be at the same house party or in the same class as you. They’re relaying information to your ex.

They’re envious

They bump into you while you’re conversing with someone of the opposite gender. You can see their face become hot and flushed. They’re seething on the inside. Jealousy isn’t pretty, but it does reveal what they’re really thinking.


The notorious drunk dialing and texting

So they can’t acknowledge they f*cked up to you when they’re sober, but when they’re intoxicated, the words simply stream out.

The famed and regrettable drunk dial or drunk text is the most dependable technique of truly understanding how people feel about you. Remember that a drunk’s thought is a sober’s words.

They continue to communicate with your family and friends

Why would somebody contact your mother and father after a breakup? Sure, they may like your parents, but that’s a calculated effort to retain them in your life.