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8 Signs You Have Sold Your Soul



Signs You Have Sold Your Soul

Signs You have Sold Your Soul: Selling your soul entails renunciating your principles, aspirations, or values in exchange for another kind of benefit. Today in this article we are going to discuss about signs You’ve Sold Your Soul. Read on to know more about the signs that you have sold your soul.

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What does Selling Your Soul means?

Signs You Have Sold Your Soul

Selling your soul entails renunciating your principles, aspirations, or values in exchange for another kind of benefit.

Several cultures have told stories about people selling their souls to the devil for centuries. Doctor Faustus, a drama based on a 1500s alchemist and necromancer, exchanges his soul for sacred knowledge with the demon Mephistopheles.

Nowadays, the expression refers to someone who sacrificed something important for (often ephemeral) rewards. It’s called “selling out.” This statement can be used to those who dread their employment and employers. Continue reading to know the signs ou have sold your soul.


Indicators That You’ve Sold Your Soul

Some symptoms that you have sold your soul. Read on to know how to know that you have sold your soul.

You’ve developed egotism

You’re doomed if you trust your own hype. When you act better than others, you’ve sold your soul. If you let others’ praise cloud your judgment, you’ll drink your own bathwater. You must be modest and accept criticism. Realize you’re like everyone else. Also, respect others. Your odds of being a jerk increase as your ego develops. Be modest.

You Feel Guilty

Guilt is a powerful feeling. It can be a serious strain and lead to a downward spiral in your mental health. When it is a reaction to something terrible you have done, this is particularly true. Whether it involves betraying a romantic interest, being mean to a friend, or harassing a coworker.

Dealing with guilt may be a terrible experience. You frequently feel horrible about yourself and the decisions you’ve made as a result of it. It reflects your character and the wrong you have committed. Another clear indication that you have sold your soul is this.

You’ve Abandoned Your Principles

As mentioned, chasing fame and money at the expense of what matters will lead to the devil. These are signs you sold out. It’s easy to compromise your morals in today’s social media-driven environment. This might mean sleeping with someone you don’t like or working for a company that doesn’t share your morals.


You should definitely reevaluate your priorities in life if you are willing to put yourself and your needs ahead of others in order to achieve your goals. You’ll never experience genuine happiness. Material possessions and sensual pleasures won’t feed your spirit.

You Have Lost Your Pride

It is simple to stop respecting oneself. Your self-respect will suffer if you engage in behavior that you are aware is improper. Even while being critical of others and being nasty to them may temporarily make you feel wonderful, this sensation will soon pass. Your self-respect will suffer as a result of your guilty and angry feelings. How can you expect others to appreciate you if you don’t respect yourself?

Low self-esteem is also included here. Your self-esteem will suffer if you don’t feel good about yourself, whether it’s in relation to how you act or how you actually look. You must be content with your identity and current situation in life. Respect what you already have.

You Believe Negatively

This is one another indication that you’ve sold your soul. Focusing on negative ideas makes life dreary. Negative thoughts every morning will ruin your day. You’ll have a bad attitude and see the worst in everything. You’ll lose all your goals and dreams and think life is unfair. This could cause dark thoughts.

You’re unhappy

Similar to thinking negatively, finding daily existence to be unfulfilling is not good for the human soul. Although life is great, it can also be quite difficult and tough. Death has to be simple because life is difficult, 50 Cent once rapped. You must be able to see the positive side of life even while you are taking your lumps.


Every dark cloud with a storm has a bright spot. Even if it’s only little things, like your stroll to work or your first cup of coffee in the morning. Make the most of these moments. You’ll soon begin to experience delight in other areas of your life, and before you realize it, you’ll be relishing each moment.

You’re Obsessed With the Satisfaction Trinity

The trifecta of fulfillment is comprised of money, power, and sex. Tony Montana from Scarface elaborates on this idea by saying, “You gotta make the money first, then when you have the money you get the power, then when you get the power, then you get the women,” in another great movie quote. Although it seems like a straightforward strategy and a wonderful way to live your life, we are all aware of what happened to poor old Tony.

If you prioritize desire, greed, and power over everything else in your life, you will undoubtedly leave a path of devastation in your wake. You won’t be able to live the life you want because you will have to step on others and knock them down. Be careful not to get stuck in this kind of life.

You Love Drama

You need to take a close look at yourself if you enjoy drama and controversy. People who take pleasure in causing harm to others and engaging in conflict are not nice people. Another indication that you’ve metaphorically sold your soul to the devil is when you take advantage of other people’s hardships or suffering to make yourself seem or feel better.

You might have a brief period of enthusiasm, but this will pass soon, leaving you feeling miserable and possibly losing friends in the process. You must have compassion for other people. If there is a genuine issue, discuss it privately rather than making a scene. Discuss things in a safe, calm, positive way.