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6 Signs He Only Wants You For Your Body



Signs He Only Wants Your Body

Signs he only wants you for your body: You have the desire to be his bae, but you’re beginning to get the impression that he’s simply using you as a booty call. Read on to know the signs he only wants you for your body.

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Signs He Is Only Interested in Your Body

Signs He Only Wants Your Body

You want to be his bae, but you think he’s using you for booty. Learn the indications he simply wants your body. Some males make you feel special until they get what they want from you.

Any intelligent man won’t immediately declare his single-mindedness. A skilled player will be charming, intriguing, and intellectual. How can you know if a guy just wants your pants?

Here are 6 signs that he only wants you for your body.


There is minimal to no touch between encounters

Constant check-ins are annoying, but not speaking to him between dates is suspicious.  Maybe you heard from him more before you had sex.  He was probably just getting started.

After your relationship turned sexual, you abandoned much of this effort.  How to tell if a guy is texting your body? You may notice these signals in your communication:

  • Always message him first.
  • He responds slowly.
  • He may leave for a bit, then contact you to check what you’re doing.
  • His texts are sexual or flirtatious.
  • He doesn’t contact you until he wants something (sex).

He is only interested in seeing you late at night

He may be a real night owl, but if all he does is try to make plans to meet you late at night – things aren’t looking good. We’re all aware of what happens after dark.

There is practically an unspoken dating rule that the earlier in the day he wants to meet you, the more virtuous his intentions toward you are.

He seems to dread talking to you

Because you’re pretty sure he’s trying his best to restrict engagement that doesn’t include his penis, every time you do anything that isn’t sex, snuggling, or fondling, etc., it’s something passive like watching Netflix. This is because you’re pretty sure he’s trying his best to limit interaction.

Your connection is never more than casual

He never invites you to a wedding as his plus-one, never invites you to a party with his friends, and never introduces you to his parents. It’s just lots and lots of (possibly good but likely bad) sex. Because that is all he is concerned with.


His bragging about you to his friends has made you sick

You’ve heard via the conversation that he brags about your sex life, or that he’s even revealed sexts you’ve sent him to his pals. Break it off with him.

He has no regard for you

He flirts with other women in front of you, cheats on you, or doesn’t answer your texts for days. That’s a pretty clear sign that he doesn’t care about you but keeps you around because you have a hot body. It’s also pretty clear proof that he’s an idiot.

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