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10 Signs He Is Not Into You



Signs He Is Not Into You

Signs he’s not into you: When we really want something to be true, it can be easy to trick ourselves into thinking that it is. Continue readng to know more about signs he’s not into you.

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Indications He’s Not Into You

Signs He Is Not Into You


When you like a guy, there are usually subtle signals he likes you, too even if there are many more warning signs telling you the opposite.

And you probably have some wonderful, encouraging friends who tell you that you’re right.


When you tell your friends about a chat you had with a guy you like, they’ll say his eye contact means there’s something between you. Most of the time, it’s because your friends think you’re great and can’t understand why anyone else wouldn’t.

Continue reading to know 10 signs that he is not interested in you.

He never initiates contact

When we like someone, we all attempt to keep our cool, but most of us, male or female, fail. If he likes you, he’ll be eager to chat to you anytime he has a spare moment. Whether he likes you, he’ll be thinking about you, and he’ll want to know if you’re thinking about him.

But if it’s usually you who initiates contact, it’s a hint that, while he’s delighted to speak with you if you begin things, he’s not eager to reach out to you.

He makes you wait

There’s always the possibility that he’s delusory enough to believe that ‘playing it cool’ would work, and that if he waits three days before responding to your SMS, you won’t be able to resist his charms.


And there might be all kinds of other excuses. But, in general, if he’s continuously playing hard to get by waiting hours or days to answer to your messages, even after he’s seen them, he definitely doesn’t want to chat to you all that much.

He frequently cancels.

If you’re dating, the unusual cancellation is understandable. Believe him if he says his parrot died, his grandma is unwell, or he has a cold.

Sometimes, no matter how much we want to, life gets in the way and we don’t have time to see folks. But if he cancels on you frequently and doesn’t reschedule for the next available time, it’s a major red flag that you should flee for the hills.

He is both hot and frigid in temperament

He appears to be very interested in you and very affectionate one minute and completely uninterested the next.

Chances are, the sharp times come when he’s lonely or insecure, and when he’s back on track, you’ve done your job until the next time his ego needs stroking. If he tries to pick you up and drop you off repeatedly, he’s not the one for you.


You are the one who constantly makes plans

You’re always the one who texts him first, and you’re always the one who suggests that the two of you do something together.

He’ll agree if he doesn’t have any other arrangements, but he’s not going to make an attempt to schedule things with you or come up with date ideas.

He is a flirt

If his flirting and confidence have charmed you, he won’t be shy about asking you out or expressing his feelings. If he doesn’t do any of those things, you can assume he was merely flirting with you.

He has never displayed any jealousy

Seeing your boyfriend chat to another lady or discuss an ex makes you envy. Tell him you’re meeting your best male buddy for lunch to see if he’s interested.

He leaves you in the dark

When someone doesn’t like you yet wants companionship, he ignores you. They want to put someone on hold.


He watches your Instagram stories and likes your online postings to make sure you’re thinking about him, yet he never calls.

You don’t receive his entire attention

He’s usually on his phone or staring over your shoulder at the gorgeous waitress when you’re together.

Everyone might look preoccupied when something significant occupies their mind. If they’re not around when you’re together, you can assume you’re not a priority.

You have not met the buddies of each other

He has made no attempt to introduce you to anyone important to him or to meet any of your best friends.

If he tries to keep you away from his friends and isn’t interested in meeting yours, he’s probably not serious.