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Sibi Blazic Married To Christian Bale



Sibi Blazic

Sibi Blazic: Christian Bale, his 22-year-old wife, was present at the London premiere of Amsterdam, his latest film. While walking the red carpet, the couple made a striking appearance. Read on to know more about Sibi Blazic.

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Sibi Blaciz Wife Of Christian Bale

Sibi Blazic

The 48-year-old actor gave the impression that he was honoring Queen Elizabeth II by wearing an all black outfit. He and his wife seemed to be in good spirits at the Leicester Square event, where they took photographs together while walking hand-in-hand.

Christian Bale, his 22-year-old wife, Sibi, looked elegant while walking the red carpet for Amsterdam’s premiere. They have been married for 22 years. Actor John Goodman, who had won an Academy Award, wore black pants that included a blazer, matching trousers, and a shirt with the top button unbuttoned, which matched the jacket.

He also walked the red carpet alongside his wife Sibi. They had married since 2000. His wife looked stunning in a black midi-dress that hugged her body and had transparent sleeves.


On Monday, the actor aged 48, wore an all-black ensemble on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s state burial. He and his wife were radiant with happiness as they took photographs at the event in Leicester Square, while walking hand-in-hand.

This beautiful lady matched her shoes and handbag. Christian, Rami Malk, Andrea Riseborough, and Margot Robbie shot photographs. The movie opens October 7th.

Oscar-winning actor donned black slacks, jacket, and shirt. Shirt untied. He joined his wife Sibi with a salt-and-pepper beard on the red carpet.

His wife, however, looked stunning in a black midi dress with transparent sleeves that hugged his figure. David O. Russell directed and wrote the film Amsterdam.

Bale, Robbie, and Washington witness a murder and become suspects. They go out to clear their identities but find a peculiar American conspiracy.


This stunning woman looked great in a pair of coordinating shoes. She also added a red purse to complete her look. Christian, Andrea Riseborough and Margot Robbie became friends as they smiled together for the camera.