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Si Hodges Aka Simon Hodges Dead: Doctor Who Community Artist



Si hodges aka simon hodges dead

According to official reports, Si Hodges aka Simon Hodges dead, Doctor Who Community Artist, has left his home after a long battle against fatal health issues that were constantly affecting his inner-body-organs. Uncounted reactions began to pour in as soon as the news was spread on social media. No one could have imagined that their beloved one would leave the world like this. The sigh of relief is in between all this, since no confirmation has been made. Below, you will find everything. That update on Officially.

Si Hodges Aka Simon Hodges Dead

According to the sources or exclusive reports, Simon Hodge died from a heart attack after suffering a massive stroke that was too much for his health. His blood flow stopped and he had no choice but to leave this world. His family initially transports him to the nearest hospital so that the medical team can bring the patient alive.

Si hodges aka simon hodges dead

However, he had already lost his ability to breathe. Doctors declared him dead and asked his family to return the body to their home for cremation. Due to complications, there was no chance that he would survive.

He was a multi-talented man who left behind a diverse collection of characters. Some of them he may have shared a long and productive relationship with. His passing will not be forgotten, unfortunately. All those with whom he shared the nebula experience will be grieving for the rest their lives.

It is possible that his suffering could have been alleviated by a more intelligent and well-informed partner. Although this may not be true, it is part of the nature and character of our species. Human churn is inevitable and no one is immune to the evils. However, it is not impossible to find some goody goeys on the big island. If you’re lucky.


There was also a time crunch. A certain Mr. Hodges, who had a very limited time window, decided to test the voids and thus, his predicament. One might have had to forgo the sweet ole girl. One might not have been able to appreciate the finer points of a brisk walk session. This is not something one should do if one is jolly ol’ jubilant jr.

Simon Hodge’s Cause Of Death

Simon Hodge was already suffering from multiple cardiac arrest strokes, but he was able to recover well after receiving the appropriate treatment. A recent stroke left him unable to tolerate its intensity and was quite fatal. He was a great example of humanity’s good works, as he always treated those below the norm. He was a hero to many and he had a huge fan following. Unfortunatly, he had to go. This is a great loss.


Uncounted reactions began to hit the headlines as soon as the news was spread on social media sites. People are paying tribute to him and expressing deep grief at the loss of someone they love. Twitter saw a flood of emotional reactions, so that people could send their deepest sympathies to those in such distress. However, the funeral of his father is still a topic of much discussion.

Tributes To Simon Hodges

The Review of Death Podcast tweeted,

We would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and close friends of Si Hodges on the news of his untimely passing. Si was a much-loved and valued member of the #DoctorWho community and will be greatly missed. 

Thomas Chapman tweeted,

I’m devastated to hear about the passing of Si Hodges – a talented creative who constantly blew me away with his work. My thoughts are with his close friends and family at this time.


James Morgan Belcher commented,

No! That’s awful! I guess this wretched year just needed one more loss before going out…

Joseph Atkinson tweeted,

Very sad day. A very very good artist Simon Hodges as pass away this morning. Simon was a very very nice guy, We talk only a few times. I always love his artwork it inspired me to do artwork as well R.I.P Simon Hodges.

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