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Shania Twain Husband: Complicated Love Story Of Shania



Shania Twain Husband

Shania Twain Husband: Shania Twain is one of the most fascinating celebrity love stories of all time. She was a legendary country singer who had an incredible and difficult romantic journey. But she finally found her one. Read on to know more about Shania Twain Husband.

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Shania Twain Husband


Shania Twain is one of the most fascinating celebrity love stories of all time. She was a legendary country singer who had an incredible and difficult romantic journey. But she finally found her one.

Shania wrote in her book From This Moment On that she was truly grateful for all the things she’s experienced and would not change a thing. “It is something I recognize that I don’t want to live again. It was enough.


What really happened to Shania’s marriages?

Shania Husbands

Shania First Husband

Shania Twain Husband

After hearing Shania’s tracks on her maiden record, Robert John Mutt Lange became Shania’s record producer. Lange approached her in June 1993, offering to produce and record songs for her next album. After quickly becoming an instant hit, they got married in December 1993.

Eja, pronounced like “Asia” in 2001, was their child. Her assistant, a close friend, introduced her to her potential second spouse. Continue reading to know more about Shania Twain Husband.

Shania, Lange and her small boy traveled to Switzerland in the 1990s with Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Marie-Anne Thiebaud was hired as Shania’s helper to take care of the house and other daily activities.

Marie-Anne married Frederic Thiebaud at the time, a Nestle executive from Switzerland. The two families became fast friends. “Fred, Mutt and Marie-Anne were great friends, as was I,” Shania told Oprah Winfrey later.

Shania’s husband has filed for divorce

People reports that Lange told Shania abruptly that he wanted to divorce her in 2008, but didn’t give any explanations for their 14-year marriage.


Marie-Anne, Shania’s closest friend and assistant, offered guidance. “Marie-Anne? Don’t you think that my husband is acting strangely?” Twain shared this with Oprah. Twain revealed the truth to Oprah.

Marie-Anne wasn’t telling the truth, it turned out. Lange allegedly had an affair.

Lange initially denied the affair, telling People that the split was “really just a growing apart”. Shania later admitted to having been in adultery.

Shania was introduced to the affair by her jilted lover

Frederic Thiebaud discovered the affair between Mutt Lange, his wife Marie Ann Thiebaud. According to the Daily Mail, Thiebaud revealed that he discovered strange hotel receipts, phone bills and even a lingerie item in his wife’s bag. Thiebaud also said that he had found the affair with Mutt.

“Guys, now that you’re here, tell [Shania],” I said. This is absurd. This is absurd.


Shania said that she was shocked when she first received the news. She remarked on The Ellen DeGeneres show, “I phoned Marie-Anne up,”

“I wanted her to have the opportunity to inform me, without accusing her.”

Marie-Anne on the other hand seems to have lied once more, denying the affair, and then changing her phone number so Shania could not reach her again.

Frederic Thiebaud was initially rejected

Shania was upset and sought out Marie-Anne’s help. She stated, “I was ready for death.”

In an email, she wrote to an old friend: “If I could see you sobbing and suffering you might feel sorry for my situation.” Get love from someone who doesn’t cause as much harm to two families.


She was diagnosed immediately with dysphonia. This is a condition in which the muscles of the vocal cords strain excessively. She was unable sing because of this condition.

People heard her say that she didn’t want to fall back in love again.

Frederic Thiebaud became her best friend, and she felt compelled to take action. She said, “I rejected it at the beginning.” “But, I couldn’t control Fred’s feelings for me and how easy he is to fall in love with me.

Shania Fall In Love With Frederic Thiebaud

Shania Twain Husband

Frederic offered support and comfort to Shania. They had been through the same thing.

“We became very close friends over time. We spent months trying things to understand them. “Shania shared this information with Ellen DeGeneres.

“Holding one another up was an extremely difficult emotional experience for us both. We discovered something unexpected and wonderful in the end.


Although their relationship didn’t begin immediately, Shania was happy with Thiebaud’s handling of the controversy.

“I was able to witness Fred go through the same things I was going through and I appreciated his handling of it.” “That was when I fell in love, because he was so perfect.

Puerto Rican marriage

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain began dating in 2009, and they were married in December 2010.

One month later, they were married in quiet sunset ceremonies in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

People spoke to Shania, who said that her closest friends and family haven’t seen Shania this happy and free-spirited in years. It is true. It is undeniably true.”


She stated that Frederic Nicolas Thiebaud was a kind, understanding friend who had been a blessing to her at the time. This wonderful relationship gave birth to an incredible love.

They live in Switzerland together

Frederic and Shania moved to Switzerland where they first met.

According to L’Illustre, the couple owns a property at La Tour-de-Peilz that has views of mountains and a waterway. Their black horse Hermes is also present.

Shania’s 2017 song, “Life’s About To Get Good”, was inspired by her joy after her divorce.