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Scotland Man Died After Bar Shooting | On Caribbean Island



Scotland Man Died

Scotland Man Died: At recent sunday Donnie McKinnon a Scotish man enjoying with his friends some moment at a St Lucia bar On Caribbean Island. but that time  dueto some past dispute a Local man shot Donnie McKinnon and died that moment on Sunday at a St Lucia bar. Donnie McKinnon  was 48 years old when he was shot with Peter Jackson, who also sustained injuries in this accident. Friends and family of his deceased friend, Peter Jackson, are all showing their support and many people have offered condolences for him to his family. The news of this incident is spreading quickly on social media, and there are still many questions. Let’s briefly discuss what happened and who was Donnie McCinnon.

Scotland Man DiedAfter Bar Shooting 

On Caribbean Island some offical Sources  claim that the incident occurred at a bar in the Caribbean island of St Lucia. He was then killed by gunfire.

He was reported to have been from RScotland Man Diedeunion, Choiseul on the southwest coast of the island. Both had lived on this island only a short time previously. This news is not being updated. We will update our article when we receive any information related to death news. He had been settled in St Lucia a few years back and was now a citizen.

Who Was The Victims Of Bar Shooting?

According to reports, Jackson, his friend, was 72 years of age and lived in St Lucia over a period of 30 years. He was also a citizen. His friend survived and is now being treated at the Hospital. After the gunfire, he was killed at his home. He was also reported to have been from Lochaber in Scotland. He had been working as a manager at Aberdeen’s Marcliffe Hotel. This incident in Soufriere resulted in his friend being injured.

His family has just suffered the worst moment and is now in shock after learning of his passing. Social media users are sharing their condolences and love for him with many others. The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has been investigating this case. They are now taking statements from people who were present at that time. There are many murder cases being reported and the crime rate is rising every day.

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