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Sarah Matthews Testifies About Her Time in the White House



Sarah Matthews


The former first lady of the United States, Sarah Matthews, has made quite an impact on her time in the White House. Strong, determined and driven, she has proven her abilities to inspire people and accomplish goals. She was resilient and able to deal with the many issues and scandals that surrounded her tenure at the White House.

Your early life

Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews is a former Deputy White House Press Secretary and Special Assistant to President Donald Trump. She is also a Republican. A career within the party has her in hopes of being a presidential candidate.

Sarah interned as a US senator Rob Portman’s marketing and communications assistant when she was just a teenager. In addition to working on the Hill, she also interned with John Boehner, speaker of the House.

Sarah obtained a Kent State Public Relations degree following her completion of her bachelor’s. After her graduation, Sarah relocated to Washington, DC, to find a job.


She was previously a communication assistant to the House Committee on Homeland Security and House Committee on Energy and Commerce before she joined the White House.

When she first worked for the Trump administration, Sarah was a Deputy Press Secretary. Her salary was $106,000. On January 6, 2019, an attack on the US Capitol took place. Matthew Pottinger, Trump’s national-security advisor, was forced to resign following the attack.

The ripple effect caused many other White House staffers to resign. Sarah Matthews, Deputy Press secretary, was among those who left.

Time in the White House

Sarah Matthews served as President Donald Trump’s deputy press secretary during her time at the White House. Soon after the Capitol riots she quit. Five people were among the victims of the riots.

Matthews claimed that she was struck by the violence while testifying at the hearing. Matthews refused to give evidence despite protests. Her testimony is expected to detail her discussions with other aides.


Many aides were of the opinion that Trump was not a supporter of violence. But others believed that he was a godlike figure who was not to be blamed for the violence.

Matthews was present in the West Wing on the day the riots broke out. Matthews suggested to a colleague, as the mob attacked the Capitol Building, that they turn off their televisions in order not to witness the violence. Matthews made this comment to a colleague, causing several agitations in the room.

Matthews told the committee that she was a “lifelong Republican.” She said she is proud to be an Ohioan. In her testimony she supported the committee’s work and called on for a peaceful transfer of power.


A testimony before a congressional committee

Sarah Matthews (ex-deputy White House press secretary) will appear before a committee of congress on Thursday. Cassidy Hutchinson (another former Trump White House official) will be giving her testimony.

Numerous members of Trump’s inner circle testified in front of the House Oversight Committee. These include former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and Matthew Pottinger, Deputy National Security Advisor. The new details provided by them about what happened before the attack.


Rep. Pete Aguilar provided a short videotape clip. It was a brief summary of the attack. This clip received a lot of attention. The tweet that was retweeted by @HouseGOP was removed.

Matthews will talk about her experience as a White House reporter during the hearing. When the Capitol was rocked by riots, she played a crucial role in the West Wing. Also, she was part of the news team providing coverage on the violence.

Resignation from the White House

Sarah Matthews was formerly an aide to Donald Trump. She was White House’s deputy Press Secretary from June through January 2021. She resigned after the Capitol Riot of last year.

Protesting the Trump administration’s treatment of the riot she quit. She stated that she was disturbed by the Capitol rebellion and demanded a peaceful transfer of power. At the same time, several top White House officers are contemplating resigning.

Sarah Matthews, a White House deputy press secretary, resigned due to the chaos on Capitol Hill. The riot broke out because she was one of many officials in the West Wing.


Ryan Lizza, Playbook’s co-author, sat down to talk about the events. The riot was an attempt to stop the Electoral College from certifying Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election. Over 50 were detained in the aftermath.