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San Vicente Bungalows



San Vicente Bungalows

These are the things that you need to remember when planning to visit San Vicente. The club is private and you need to be aware. In order to get into the club, you’ll need to pay an initiation charge. Second, you should know that it is open seven days a week. There is also an outdoor pool with a sun terrace that you can enjoy all year.

Open seven days a week

San Vicente Bungalows

San Vicente Bungalows may be the right place for you if your looking for a change of scenery. This luxurious hotel is located just a few steps from Universal Studios Hollywood.

It offers amenities like free valet parking, a large pool and other leisure facilities. In addition to its famously posh clientele, the resort has a reputation for providing a well curated food and beverage experience anchored by an award winning restaurant.

You might also want to visit Sunset Tower Hotel while you’re there. It’s best to make your reservation early as there are often starlets who come looking for a drink. Aside from the hotel’s signature cocktails, the property also provides an extensive fitness program, including an on-site gym.

Private membership club

San Vicente Bungalows are a exclusive West Hollywood private club. The club was opened by Jeff Klein (owner of Sunset Tower Hotel). This club is home to many of the most powerful figures in entertainment.


Elon Musk appears to be one of the most prominent names in the technology world. His connections include Hollywood stars and he sold his California home earlier in the year.

One of LA’s most exclusive spots is the Sunset Strip. You will find white bungalows surrounded by tropical vegetation and an inviting turquoise pool.

Jeff Klein’s San Vicente Bungalows are the best place. It offers old-fashioned service with a sophisticated ambience. It’s open Monday through Sunday.

An annual fee of $4,200 is charged for membership. For those under 35, it’s $1,800. Monthly membership evaluations are also available. Cell phones are not allowed inside the club. Members who are caught may be punished with a stiff fine.

You can enjoy the sun terrace and outdoor pool year-round

The San Vicente Bungalows offer many reasons for you to stop by. There are many amenities offered at this trendy spot, including a treehouse-themed private dining room as well as a tres refreshing pool. This hotel also offers complimentary parking.


You will find the hotel’s location convenient. The staff is very friendly. This posh oasis is the perfect place for you to unwind after a hard day.

This hotel, which boasts luxurious accommodations, is located conveniently in West Hollywood, CA. You won’t find a better location than this hotel, which is just two blocks from Universal Studios Hollywood and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here you have the option to take a walk down Melrose Avenue and spend time at the seaside.

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An initiation fee is required of guests

San Vicente Bungalows, a West Hollywood private club is located in California. Jeff Klein owns it. They are known for their cozy ambience and exquisite design. John Mayer, Leonardo DiCaprio & Michelle Obama are some of its members.

Celebrities in the entertainment sector love to meet at this club. In 2017, it hosted Ted Sarandos’ dinner as Netflix Chief Content Officer. Steven Spielberg was joined by Justin Bieber and Tracee Ell Ross.

The initiation fee for guest is $1,800. For women aged under 29, and for those who are under 35, memberships can be obtained. These memberships are only available for a limited period of time.


San Vicente Bungalows can accept payments via wire transfer, check or credit card. San Vicente Bungalows has the power to terminate services to Customers if their invoices have not been paid by due date.