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Meet Ryan Shawhughes Husband Ethan Hawke



Ryan Shawhughes

Ryan Shawhughes: Ethan Hawke describes his wife as “a half-madman.” He is an acclaimed actor who was a Hollywood A-lister ever since his role in 1989’s Dead Poets Society. Hawke has acted alongside Robin Williams, Denzel Washington and written screenplays and novels. He is also a director and works behind the scenes for films such as Blaze or Chelsea Walls. Read on to know more about Ryan Shawhughes.

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Who is Ryan Shawhughes exactly?

Ryan ShawhughesRyan Shawhughes Hawke, a Columbia University graduate, is an actor and producer. She made her film debut with The Hottest State (2006), which starred her husband. Since then, she has been working with Hawke as a director on films like Blaze and First Reformed.

Ryan Shawhughes Husband

Hawke was first known for his role as Arthur Harrow, the creepy villain in Marvel’s Marvel series Moon Knight, and “The Grabber,” the serial killer in The Black Phone.

Although the latter is a dangerous role, Hawke said that he approaches horror movies in the same manner he approaches math. Hawke explained to Slashfilm that making a good horror movie is like solving a geometry problem. There is a formula for building. It should be simple but also complex.

There are books written about Alfred Hitchcock, his timing and execution. It’s just a matter math. Scott is a highly skilled filmmaker. I thought this script was better than Sinister, and the filmmaking is more mature. He makes great films.”


What kind of wife is capable of keeping up with Hawke’s interests and pursuits? Continue reading to find out about Ethan Hawke’s current wife, how he met her and their decade-long marriage. Hawke was married to Ryan Shawhughes (40) for 14 years.

What was the best way for Ethan Hawke to meet Ryan?

It appears that it is an old story. Ryan Shawhughes was a nanny to Hawke and Uma Thurman’s children. Wait, there was more! Ryan worked briefly for me before returning to Columbia to complete her degree.

Hawke stated in 2009 that back then there weren’t any scandalous thoughts or actions. “It is common to imagine Ryan and I falling in love Sound of Music-style, but I have been working with her for quite a while before that.”

Shawhughes was reconnected to him about a year later after his divorce from Thurman. He met Shawhughes by chance in a park. Hawke said that she has always known her as a sensible and no-bullsh** woman.

When did Ethan Hawke get married?

Like many divorced men, Hawke was reluctant to get married again. He fell in love with Shawhughes, and he got married to her in 2008, three-years after his divorce from Thurman.


“I was extremely cautious at that time in my own life and wanted to stay single. I never wanted to get married again.” Sometimes things happen in life. He said, “Now, Ryan is my adoration.” Hawke eventually admitted they were married and took photos of them with their wedding rings.

Who was Ethan Hawke’s wife?

Most people know that Hawke was married to Uma Thurman for seven years. They met while filming Gattaca, a science-fiction film. They were married in 1998.

Hawke later stated that he got married partly because he believed it would stabilize his fame. “The world seemed out of control.” It was spinning out of control. I wanted to stop it. I thought marriage would decrease my variables. He admitted that he was wrong in a 2013 interview.

He and Thurman’s marriage eventually ended in divorce. They settled down in 2005. According to People, he admitted that his life was “broken apart” after the divorce. He arrived feeling depressed and his personal life was “fragmented.

 What was Hawke’s path to success? “Work. Theater. My children. Children are dependent on you every day. It can bring harmony to your daily life. He explained that your whole life doesn’t revolve around you.


Hawke credits his first marriage with helping him learn about himself and to open him up to new relationships in his life. “I learned a lot about myself through my failed first marriage.” He told Elle magazine that you don’t know what it takes to share your life with someone until you get to know yourself.

Are any of Ethan Hawke’s children his?

Hawke is married to Thurman and has two children: Maya, who was born in 1998, as well as Levon Roan (born 2002). Maya has been following her parents’ footsteps and is now pursuing acting. She was most recently seen in Stranger Things.

“Some of her performances in BBC’s Little Women production last year may have been missed by some of you.” You may have also missed her Juilliard studies. The proud papa posted on Instagram, “I know many people missed high school productions-heck, even I missed some myself.

Some may be familiar with her music while others might not. But, ladies and gentlemen, you should get to know MAYA HAWKE. She is the real deal. Clementine Jane was born one month after Hawke married Shawhughes in 2008. Indiana was born three years later.

According to Hawke Shawhughes has done an outstanding job as a mother. Hawke stated that Shawhughes was a “wonderful, happy, new mother, a great Stepmother, an instrument of healing in the family, and a very needed partner for me in my type of elaborate, varied and mercurial art life.”


Hawke says that his children don’t always like his work but that he gained instant credibility when he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He told People earlier this summer that his 13-year old daughter saw the trailer for Moon Knight and realized that I was an actor.

She was looking at it on her smartphone and thought, “Dad, that looks great!” She couldn’t believe her eyes. “That’s what the children are talking about at school.” This is her only impression so far.

Ethan Hawke is still married

Hawke is crazy in love with his wife. Hawke was completely taken aback by their love. He told The Guardian, “I hesitated to talk about it because the future often plays us all for fools.”

They appear together on red carpets and are often seen out and about in New York City. However, they keep their relationship private. How do they keep their relationship secret?

Hawke stated to The Guardian that “the bottom line is that our relationship is extremely compatible.” Hawke said that they grew up together in the same place. Is it considerate? “Do they intellectually challenge me?”