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Russian Lawmaker Found Dead “Pavel Antov” In Odisha’s Hotel



Russian Lawmaker Found Dead

New Delhi:Russian Lawmaker Found Dead It ia a very shocking news Of India and Russia A shocking piece of news has emerged about the untimely death of Paval Antov, a 65-year-old Russian lawmaker found dead in an Odisha hotel On Sunday 25 December, he was discovered dead. He had arrived in Rayagada to celebrate his 65th Birthday. Two days later, his death was a result of the mysterious death in Odisha of Vladimir Budanov, a party colleague. Odisha police considers the incident of both deaths a puzzle. This news has been causing a lot of confusion on social media pages. We will share information about the cause of his death as well as what happened to him in this article.

Odisha police are investigating the death of Pavel Antov, a Russian lawmaker and philanthropist. This comes days after another Russian tourist from that group was discovered dead in a Rayagada hotel. According to media reports, Antov was a multi-millionaire sausage politician and had called Putin’s invasion in Ukraine “terror”. Antov was in Odisha on vacation at the Rayagada region. He was there to celebrate his 66th Birthday.

Pavel Antov A Russian lawmaker found Dead

Sources say that a multi-millionaire died from falling from the third floor at the hotel where he was being held. On Sunday 25 December, he was discovered dead. He had arrived in Rayagada to celebrate his 65th Birthday. Police said that he was found dead in a pool near the hotel.

Russian Lawmaker Found Dead

His death is being investigated by police. His body was cremated under the supervision of his family. His body was cremated with his family’s approval. Police continue to search for and collect more evidence. The investigation is ongoing, although not much information has been released.

Rayagada’s superintendent of police Vivekananda Sharma said that B Vladimir had died from a heart attack last Thursday. Pavel Antov, Vladimir’s roommate, died Sunday from a fall from the third-floor. Police are investigating whether it was suicide or an accident.


What happened at Odisha’s Hotel

Before 2 days ago Vladimir Bidenov was also killed in the same hotel where his body was found dead on 22/12/2022. He was a Russian Lawmaker co-traveller and was found unconscious in his hotel room, on the first floor. There are a few empty bottles and wine bottles lying around him. His death was confirmed by doctors when he was immediately transferred to the district hospital. A senior officer stated that his death was a suicide case.

Four people eventually reached Rayagarh Hotel 21 December. They stayed there. One of the four men was found dead on the morning of 22/12/2022. His cause of death was determined to be heart attack after his post-mortem. His friend, who was also found dead on 25 December 2022, was also killed. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Russian Embassy And Local Media Comment Lawmaker Found Dead In A Hotel In Odisha

Pavel Antonov, a Russian lawmaker, has died. It remains a mystery. Antov was an erudite man with a broad outlook. He was both a lawmaker, and a sausage tycoon. Antov died on his 66th birthday. Another suspect was the Russian tourist who visited Odisha, Dec. Jitendra Sing claimed that he was traveling with the decedent.

Vladimir Bidenov, also a friend to Antov, died two days later. Bidenov had been found unconscious in his bedroom. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths. Vivekananda Sharm (Superintendent for Police in Odisha), is leading the investigation. Local media reported on a hit-job after the deaths two Russian citizens at the hotel. The Crime Branch will also be involved in the investigation. Antov died in a cremation. Antov became depressed after the death of B Vladimir. Antov criticised Putin’s war on Ukraine in June. He later retracts his statement, and declares that he supports President Putin.

Vivekananda Sharma said that Antovwas depressed due to Vladimir’s death.


“Four people came to stay in a hotel in Rayagada on December 21. On December 22 morning, one of them (B Vladimir) died. After post-mortem, it was found that he suffered a heart stroke, died and was cremated. His friend, (Pavel Antov) was depressed after his death and he too died on December 25,” ANI quoted Sharma as saying.

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