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Robbie Bachman Died: BachmanTurner Overdrive Drummer Dead



Robbie Bachman Died

Robbie Bachman Died: Robbie Bachman, co-founding member and drummer of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, has died on 12 January 2023,  at the age of 69.

BachmanTurner Overdrive Drummer Dead We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Robbie Bachman a co-founder member and drummer of Bachman Turner Overdrive, at the age 69.

He had been battling fatal health complications. The news of Robbie Bachman’s death was quickly spread on social media. Uncounted emotions began to hit the bricks.

How Did Robbie Bachman Died?

According to the reports, Bachman-Turner Overdrive drummer Robbie Bachman died at age 69.  Randy Bachman announced the news on his official Twitter account.

Robbie Bachman Died

 Although no details were provided about the cause of his passing, fans shared their memories and thoughts on social media.  These were deteriorating his body and causing damage to vital organs that were essential for survival.


He was kept under medical care for a long time so that they could make him live and bless him with more breath. Unfortunately, his health was not cooperating with the treatment. The medical team had to stop trying to revive him.

Who Was Robbie Bachman?

Robbie Bachman, a 69-year old Canadian drummer, was the youngest brother to guitarist, singer and songwriter Randy Bachman. He was initially well-known because of his brother, but later, the world was amazed by his unique way of playing the drum.

Robbie began drumming at home as a young boy. He joined the band Brave Belt at age 18, which was later renamed Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO). He co-wrote “Roll On Down the Highway”, a song he wrote with Fred Turner, which reached number 14 in the US.

He remained with BTO until 1979. He left the group to join BTO after a while, but returned in 1988. As he grew older, his health began to decline.

They released several hit albums during their 70s glory days. “You Ain’t Seen Anything Yet” was the most popular single. It reached #1 in the US. There were also songs like “Taking Care of Business”, Miss You”, “You’re the One”, and “Roll On Down the Highway”.


Bachman-Turner Overdrive continued to tour with Randy Murray, the backup guitarist. Two new albums were released by the band with a new singer. These were Street Action 1978 and Rock ‘n’ roll nights 1979.

Although the band had many hits, they were not as successful as they hoped. They were criticised for their obsession with the US dollar. They were criticized for their touring schedule, which caused backlash against Canadian roots. The band was eventually disbanded in 2005.

The group reunited in 2010 with Fred Turner to record a new album. The new album was released in conjunction with a worldwide tour.


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