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RIP! Brian Ferguson Dead: Scots Boxing Gym Coach Dead



Brian Ferguson Dead

Brian Ferguson Dead: Hey guys today I am going to share a shocking news about Scots Boxing Gym Coach It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Brian Ferguson, a Glasgow native. He was 65 years old.

He died suddenly in Spain on Wednesday, 4 January 2023. He was most well-known as Suparfit scots boxing coach. His residence was near Malaga. Many people are grieving his passing and pointing fingers at him. This article will discuss his death as well as the causes of his death.

How Did Brian Ferguson Dead?

Sources claim that he died from heart attacks after suffering for some time. Janine was the last time he spoke to him by phone on Tuesday, 3 January 2023. She is now living in Qatar.

Brian Ferguson Dead

He said that he felt dizzy and suggested that he take a taxi from his house to pay the rent. He said it was a beautiful day, and that he would walk an hour to reach her once he arrived home. He concluded that a heart attack was the primary cause of his death. No further news has been released by his family.

Who Was Brian Ferguson?

Brian Ferguson was a Scots fighter and ran a boxing club in the region. He was also well-known for his healthy appearance. He was a kind-hearted man who always put his health first. Friends and family are shocked by his death. His family was devastated by the news and are now grieving.


He called his final time on January 3, 2023, and he died on January 4, 2023. He worked with Gary Jacobs, Frank Bruno, and other ex-pros. His wife expressed her love and many people sent condolences. Many people shared their condolences to the family by sharing their thoughts and messages on social media.

Brian Ferguson, a Scots boxing gym manager, has died. This is creating a lot of controversy. Fans from all over the world have paid tribute to Ferguson’s death, particularly in his home country of Scotland. His partner also paid tribute to him, as he is considered a member of the boxing fraternity.

Brian Ferguson, 65, was a Spanish-born boxer who had been living in Spain from January. He died in style. He was known as the “Madman”, a member of the Scottish boxing fraternity. He was reportedly tied for the “Cup of Champions”, with John Aitken.

He was a financial advisor and boxing coach for a few years before he retired in 2007. In the mid-2000s, he married and moved to Qatar. The couple had three children. He’s not the first to be featured in the news. He’s a big fan of chess. However, he also mentioned that he was always up for a brawl in the boardroom.

This man’s passing is deeply felt by his family and for the sport. The Scots are a close-knit group, so the loss of a major player like him is not welcome. His passing is an ominous reminder of the long-term effects of the sport we love.


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