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Rick Stevenson Death | Wayne Township Trustee



Rick stevenson death

According to The Allen County Democratic Party announced Rick Stevenson death on their official FaceBook page. We are sorry to report that Rick Stevenson, a beloved Wayne Township Trustee, has died on 07/12, 2022.  Rick was first elected in 2006 as Wayne Township trustee. He served until his retirement in 2019.

He was instrumental in the growth of Wayne Township and believed it was his duty to “give clients help, not a handout.” Allen County Democratic Party sends our deepest condolences and sympathies to Rick’s wife Carol and their children, grandchildren, and other friends. We will all remember Rick’s determination to help everyone within our community.

Rick Stevenson Death

Rick Stevenson’s death cause has not been released yet. Rick Stevenson’s causes have not been disclosed by either family members or online reports. Medico Topics’ occurrence has been reported to family and close friends. So far, no replies have been received. When enough information is available, we’ll update the page.

 We will be updating the page with more information regarding Rick Stevenson’s cause of death. The Allen County Democratic Party has posted the news about Rick Stevenson’s demise on their official FaceBook Page. We are shocked to hear that Rick Stevenson, former Wayne Township Trustee has died. Rick was elected as Wayne Township Trustee four times, the first time in 2006. He then served until he retired in 2019. He was instrumental to Wayne Township’s growth and believed it was his responsibility to “give clients a helping hand, not a giving out.”

Who Was Rick Stevenson?

Rick was a radio technician who was highly skilled, but he was also the kindest person you could imagine. Engineer Rick Stephenson worked on the train that crossed Wildlife Prairie Park. He worked there for a considerable time. Rick has been the company spokesperson and an engineer on Saturdays since 2009. Rick has worked in radio broadcasting for his entire life. He also recorded the audio at his home studio.



He was always ready to update park visitors as conditions change, so they always had the most up-to-date information. Rick Stephenson was always ready to update the public as the conditions along the route changed. Rick Stephenson was a SuperHits WIRL morning host. He is an experienced radio professional with positions in Peoria and Phoenix as well as Minneapolis, Albuquerque and Shreveport.

Rick, a true radio pro, was always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needed it. His music was responsible for both the upbeat music on Santa’s Wildlife Express, and the more sinister music during train rides at Wildlife Scary Park. Also more knowledge you can visit on Here always provide a latest news all over world.