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Richard Bernal Cause Of Death | Jamaica Former Ambassador



Richard Bernal Cause Of Death
Richard Bernal Cause Of Death: We are very sorry to announce the sudden death of Dr. Richard Bernal, Former diplomat and academic, Ambassador Richard Bernal,  died at his residence on Wednesday 4th January 2022. News of Ambassador Bernal’s passing came late Wednesday evening.

 You heard it right. The ambassador has left behind his family and friends. He died in his mid-twenties after battling fatal complications. This is a sad matter.

What Was Richard Bernal Cause Of Death?

According to the latest reports, Dr. Richard Bernal’s death is still unknown. The family has not yet made any statements or reactions, making it a topic of much discussion. Almost everyone is eager to find out more information and accuracy. There are reports that he was diagnosed with serious health problems,

which were deteriorating his body and causing damage to vital organs, making it difficult for the medical team to do anything.

Who Was Dr. Richard Bernal?

According to reports, Dr. Bernal was Jamaica’s Ambassador to America and Permanent Representative to The Organization of American States (OAS), Jamaica mourned the passing of Richard Bernal, former Ambassador to Jamaica at the age 68 on December 8, 2018.

He was an important member of the diplomatic fraternity and served three presidents in a period of nearly ten years. He was also a highly skilled diplomat. His distinguished career included stints as a Trade Advisor for several Caribbean trade organizations, a stint at the Planning Institute of Jamaica, and as a Pro-Vice-Chaincellor of Global Affairs at the University of the West Indies.


He was also a prolific author, publishing many works in both the national and international media over the years. Bernal was the former ambassador to America and served as the spokesperson for CARICOM in the WTO’s early 2000s.

His most notable contributions to the nation’s economy were the establishment and expansion of the Montego Bay-based Jamaican American Trade and Investment Office and a regional bank for investment. He was a philanthropist who promoted tourism and development between Jamaica and the United States.

His son, Franklin, a nature enthusiast, and Kathleen, his wife, are worthy mentions. The Bernal dynasty, a multi-generational family that has produced many notable figures in politics and diplomacy, is known as a family of movers. The family will never be the exact same. Their memories will be preserved in the collective consciousness.

Bernal is survived his wife, two of his sons and five daughters. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister, released a statement saying that while we mourn Bernal’s loss, we are proud of his many achievements and contributions.

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