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Rapper Theophilus London Missing Family Reported In LA



Theophilus London Missing

Rapper Theophilus London Missing: Theophilus London, an American rapper who worked with Kanye West and Tame Impala, was reported as missing by friends. The family of the rapper filed a missing complaint on Wednesday, as we have already mentioned. According to the police, he was last seen at 12:01 PM on Wednesday. Variety, an American media company reports that London’s relatives filed a missing persons report in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), is asking the public for help in finding his whereabouts. After trying to find his location for several weeks, his family filed the report on Tuesday.

After Theophilus London, a Los Angeles singer, went missing recently, he is attracting a lot of attention. After the family of the 35 year-old rapper filed a missing report with the Los Angeles Police Department, the incident quickly became the talk of town. Rolling Stone confirmed the information. Los Angeles Police Department formed a special investigation team. They conducted a brief interrogation to find strong evidence. Any updates on the case are being reviewed. Find out more about Rapper Theophilus London reported missing.

Rapper Theophilus London Missing Family Reported In LA

The investigation team found that the rapper had lost all contact since July last year. After the incident, the family of the rapper is very worried and disturbed. The investigation team is appealing for the public’s assistance and checking surveillance cameras in an effort to locate the rapper. He was last seen on October 31st of the current year. After that, he lost all contact with his family. On Wednesday, the LAPD made this announcement in a department news broadcast.

Theophilus London Missing

Theophilus London’s family reported that London is missing from Los Angeles. After losing contact with Theophilus London in July, the family has been trying to find his whereabouts. Family members flew to Los Angeles this week to file a missing person report with the LAPD.

According to the police report London was last seen on Skid Row in downtown L.A. at 12:01 p.m. that is six hours after his friends reported him missing. The missing person report doesn’t contain any additional information. However, the LAPD claims that it is accurate and confirms London’s disappearance.


London was born in the Caribbean but grew up and began his career in Brooklyn. His three studio albums were released, with his latest being in 2020. His first album was entitled Timez Are Weird These days. It featured collaborations between Octavian and Ellie Goulding.

He released Vibes, his second studio album, in 2014. Kanye West was the executive producer of the album. He was nominated in 2015 for a Grammy for “All Day,” his rap track. It was released on West’s self-titled album. London released Bebey, his third studio album. He enlisted the help of Lil Yachty and Tame Impala during production.

London has not updated his social media profiles since then. His last Instagram post was an image of Burna Boy in London’s signature boots. Since July, he hasn’t posted any more photos. His family has requested the public’s assistance in finding him. According to them, London last spoke with someone in Los Angeles on July. Anyone with any information should contact the LAPD, Mikhail Noel (known on Instagram as @iamdjkellz), or his cousin.

Who Was Theophilus London?

The family of the rapper filed a missing complaint on Wednesday, as we have already mentioned. According to the police, he was last seen at 12:01 PM on Wednesday. This is according to the local time in Los Angeles. He has brown eyes and black hair, according to the investigation team. He measures 6’2″ in length and weighs approximately 175 pounds. He also has a birthmark on his left eyebrow. Mikhail Noel, one of his cousins, shared his IG chat.

London, who is also a popular LAPD rapper, has more than 227,000 Instagram followers. Although he was active on his Instagram account, he had not uploaded any posts since July. The incident was widely reported in the city. Many civilians have stepped up to help the family, including those who were working alongside London. For the past few days, he was looking for him. The Associated Press has shared the information. According to the police, he will soon be able to find London in the future.


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