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Everything To Know About Raddix Madden



Raddix Madden

Raddix Madden: Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz had Raddix in December 2019. Fans were stunned when Cameron Diaz, Benji Madden, announced Raddix’s birth in 2020 after many years of waiting. Read on to know more about Raddix Madden.

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Raddix Madden

Raddix Madden

Madden and Diaz were married in January 2015. By February 2015 Madden and Diaz were ready for a child. A source said that “She is happy and ready to start a family.” She is making the most of this time in her life.

Raddix, the daughter of the couple, was born just a few years later. Madden and Diaz adjusted well to parenthood. Madden told Jimmy Fallon that Raddix was “the best thing that ever happened to Benj and me.”

Diaz also spoke out about her daughter’s progress, saying, “Literally every day, there are literally leaps and bounds……she’s not as baby she was yesterday.” She said, “But it’s so satisfying to actually get to see that progress and be a part it.” It’s amazing.”


Although Madden and Diaz keep their daughter Raddix out of the spotlight, they did reveal some details about their family. This is everything you need to know about Raddix, Cameron Diaz’s daughter and Benji Madden’s son. From her surprise delivery to her parents’ most loving parenting comments, to her mother’s surprising delivery.

Raddix Madden was born on December 30, 2019

Raddix Chloe Wildflower Madden was born at Cedars Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles on December 30, 2019, 1:58 p.m.

Diaz and Madden shared the news of the birth in an Instagram post. They wrote, “We are so happy, fortunate, and grateful to begin this new decade with the birth of Raddix Madden.” She won our hearts quickly and completes our family.

She said that they were both “overjoyed” to share the news, but also had a strong desire to protect their young child’s privacy. We won’t upload any images or provide more information except that she is incredibly, incredibly adorable. Diaz said. Others could even use the word “RAD.”

Raddix parents keep her away from the limelight

Madden and Diaz have remained true to their word. They have not posted any Raddix images and rarely reveal any personal information. However, they have much to say about their love for being parents.


To keep their children safe and healthy during the worst of the epidemic, the couple stayed close to their home. A source said that they stayed at home as much possible and only went out to do essential errands. Rad is loving Rad’s new life.

Drew Barrymore might be her middle name

Some fans have suggested that Raddix’s middlename, Wildflower is a reference to Diaz’s close friend Drew Barrymore. Barrymore’s book is called Wildflower. Since their first collaboration on Charlie’s Angels, Diaz and Barrymore are friends.

Barrymore, referring to Diaz as “my bestie and my sister”, said that “fortunately, she’s always in my life.”

Raddix enjoys music

During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Diaz revealed Raddix enjoys music. Bad Teacher actor Diaz said that Sesame Street, Elmo’s Song, and Baby Shark are all “on rotation”. She’s rocking out there and loves it!

Diaz stated, “When we ride on car rides Benj will play Cuban, AfroCuban music and she is in her seat and her tiny legs kick… and I’m like, ‘Yep! That’s my child!


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Diaz said that Madden had already written a few songs to his child. She said that there is ‘Baby Shark in the mix and Benj has written at least a dozen songs [for Radix].” “So we are playing a lot more peppy, often acapella songs over here.”

Raddix loves to cook

Diaz stated that her daughter loves trying new foods and enjoying eating. Diaz spoke out on November 2020’s Rachael Ray Show about how she got more into cooking after the epidemic. She said that she now loves to cook for her child. It’s amazing to be able cook for her.

The actress said that Raddix has never been given a puree, and she has eaten garlic since day one. Diaz said that her daughter loves bone broth and fresh herbs. “I add herbs on everything.” She said, “Thyme and dill, sage. Everything.” She loves everything.

Raddix Madden keeps her family occupied

According to Kevin Hart’s Hart to Hart podcast interview, Diaz spends her entire day focusing on Raddix. Because it is all about her needs, everything begins, stops, and restarts. All of her meals are prepared by me. After I get her up, my spouse puts her to sleep. She said, “We’re a complete team.”

Diaz on the other side was open about having daycare and said, “I don’t even know how women without childcare manage it.”


The actress shared more details about Madden and her daily routine with Raddix during an Instagram Live session with Katherine Power, her Avaline wine founder. Madden is a wonderful parent, she said. “He’s my baby daddy. He is just amazing. He puts her down and I follow him into the kitchen to start cooking dinner.

Diaz also spoke highly of parenting, saying that it was the best, most rewarding, and best part in his life. It’s so joyful and thankful, and it’s the best thing ever. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do it with Benji and we’re having the most amazing time.

After an eight-year hiatus, Diaz announced her return in 2022 to acting. She spoke with CBS Sunday Morning about her plans to balance being a working mom. Diaz stated that “Everyone only gets one hundred percent” and that it is up to each person to decide how to divide that one hundred percent so that it can be distributed to all aspects of their lives that matter.

Raddix Madden changed minds of her parents

Diaz spoke about how raising Raddix as a toddler changed her view of aging. This was May 2022. Raddix was just two years old. “The whole concept of aging has changed dramatically even in the past ten years.” It has completely opened up. I’m ecstatic. She shared her excitement with Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a GOOP podcast host, that she still has 50-60 years of life.

She said that she believes you can have a great time in your 40s, when you discover who your parents really are. “And I want to share this moment with her — be there during her 40s,” she added.


The actress doesn’t hesitate to talk about her parenthood. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson Show, Diaz spoke candidly about how she loses patience when she has to deal with her child. Diaz stated that Raddix gets angry when she seems upset and she goes through her “mom checklist”, to figure out what she is feeling.

“Did she have any food?” Is she tired? What hour is it? When was the last meal she ate? When was the last time she took a nap? It’s easy to just start at the beginning and then think about what has happened. “Is she trying to tell me anything?” She asked.

Diaz stated that she loses patience sometimes, even though she believes it is her “duty,” as a parent, to help her find the “language to her feelings.” She says, “Like if your blow up, just to mend and say, “Oh my God, Mommy lost her —,’” and “I didn’t mean to say that to You.” I just want you to know that Mommy is also human.