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Rabbi Shimon Baadani Died: [Israel] President Of Shas



Rabbi Shimon Death

Hey guys todys news covered from Israel The Head of Shas’ Council of Torah Sages Rabbi Shimon Baadani died Wednesday, Jan11, 2023. he was 94 years old. he was a prominent leader of Israel and Rosh Kollel leader

According to reports, Rabbi Shimon has died 11jan leaving behind his family and friends in deep grief. Everyone is now wanted to know about his tragic death. His funeral will be held on Wednesday.

Rabbi Shimon Baadani Died | President Of Shas

Rabbi Shimon Baadani recently died at the age of 94 People who knew and loved him and are grieving his sudden death are coming forward.

Rabbi Shimon Death

Since the news broke, condolence messages and tribute posts have been flooding the internet.  Although he lived a normal life and died at an age that is natural, 

People are grieving his passing and sharing their emotional condolence on social media. They have shared their deepest condolences and thoughts to his loved ones and offered their support. As of right now, the cause of Rabbi’s death is unknown.


Who Was Rabbi Shimon Baadani?

Rabbi Shimon Baadani was born in Palestine in 1928, was a prominent Sephardi rabbi in Israel and Rosh Kollel leader. He was president of many Torah institutions, and co-founded and was dean of Kollel Torah V’Chaim (Bnei Brak). He was also a prominent member the Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah.

Rabbi Shimon Baadani, a leader in the Shas party. He was the spiritual leader of thousands and president of the Shas Council for Torah Sages.

Shimon Baadani was a pre-state Israeli citizen who was born in Hadera. He studied in a yeshiva. He moved to Bnei Brak after graduating, and worked as a dean at a yeshiva. When the Shas council was established in 1984, he was one of its first rabbis.

When Rabbi Shalom Cohen died last August, he was elected president of the Council of Torah Sages. He has been the spiritual leader for the Shas party since then.

As a young man, he studied at Porat Yisef in Jerusalem’s Old City. He later helped found Kollel TorahV’Chaim in Bnei Brak.


He was the spiritual leader for the ultra-Orthodox Shas after the creation of Israel. For decades, he was a member of the Shas rabbinic Council. The Shas party, which is ultra-Orthodox Jewish in nature, is today the largest political party.

Although its members are mostly Haredi, it is also accepted by other faiths. The statement of the Shas party on Baadani’s death is available here

Shas’ spiritual leaders are Rabbis Moshe Maya and Reuven Elbaz. It also has its own rabbinical leadership committee, Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah.

Baadani, in addition to his work for the Shas party was also the rosh Kollel in Israel. Baadani was also a close associate with Rabbi Elazar Shach who founded the Degel Hatorah Party. His funeral will be held on Wednesday.

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