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Penda Dalle Died | Cameroonian Author Of “Bonadibon” Died



Penda Dalle Died

Hi viewers I am griefly to shared about a shocking news about Penda Dalle a famous Cameroonian Artist that the famous author of “Bonadibon”, the popular title, died On Monday, December 26, 2022 at 64 years old.  According to reports, the legendary Makossa figure, creator of the popular title ‘Bonadibon’, died of sickness. On Twitter, his loved ones and well wishers paid tributes. After the tragic news was announced, RIP and tributary message flooded the internet. Popular Cameroonian musician, Penda Dalle passed away. Let’s see How did Penda Dalle died and Penda Dalle cause of death in detail. It seems that no one believes the report that he had left this world so young. This article will explain what happened to him, and how he died. Find out all about him.

Penda Dalle Died

Penda Dalle, as we have already mentioned, died on 26/12 leaving behind his family in deep grief. Multiple official news  have confirmed that Penda Dalle was suffering from a brief illness for a long time. It is not yet confirmed. Penda’s family have not spoken out and shared no details about Penda’s sudden death. The family is experiencing a difficult time.

Everyone is devastated by the tragic death of the Cameroonian musician. He is gone, but no one seems to believe it. Fans and well-wishers for the artist are grieving the sudden death. His YouTube channel was also very active, and his fans are devastated to learn of his sudden passing.

Penda was a great artist who achieved many milestones in his life. He also managed to build a solid fan base, which is now mourning his passing via social media. Social Telecast extends its deepest condolences to Penda and offers prayers for his family.


They have lost a beloved member of their family and he is not going to return. The family is also being offered their deepest condolences by netizens.

Who Was Penda Dalle?

Tete Dalle Panda Jeannot was born in 1958. He served in the Cameroon Navy and Republican Guard from 1976 to 1980. He was also a member at that time of the group Les New Star de Bonadibong. Penda was a prominent Cameroonian musician. He was an accomplished solo musician and a regular on the Kamer All Stars circuit.


Penda Dalle Died

He was also an important contributor to the makossa craze in the late 80s and early 90s. The legendary man was actually a member for a few years of the Les New-Star de Bonadibong, which is quite an accomplishment. He decided to pursue his musical passions after his time in the navy.

It was a wise decision. It isn’t all good news for this trio. He died last week, aged 64, after surviving two strokes. His family is still grieving. Unfortunately, media outlets have not been able find any more information on the subject. His family and fans took to social media to share their memories and pay tribute the halo that was left behind.

Their collective memories are likely to remain intact for many years. Enjoy the music, until then! Be safe, oh! Visit Penda’s Facebook page and blog for more information. Penda’s fans won’t be the same after his death. Penda was not the first Cameroonian to travel north.

Between 1977 and 1978 Penda and the trio released a 45 rpm single under the Disques Cousin record label. The 45 rpm single Se to mba/Ne nde muna muango, which was first released by Penda on the Africa Oumba label in 1980, began his solo career. Jeandall was a member and a Makssa singer in the 1980s, 1990s. This section will be updated as soon as Our New reporter team learn any new information regarding the tragic event on again this page so you can follow this