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Pastor Carl Lentz’s Affair Lands Him in Hot Water With Hillsong Church



Narcissistic tendencies


When it comes to faith and religion, Stephen Carl Lentz is a name that a lot of people have heard. Former American pastor and spiritual advisor, Lentz was once a celebrity. GQ called him a “hype-priest”. Lentz is not devoid of faith, but it still plays an integral part in his daily life.

Narcissistic tendencies

Narcissistic tendencies

Pastor Carl Lentz had a long and varied social life. Famous celebrities have been friends with him, and he even invited Justin Bieber to his house. However, it is his arrogant and self-centered personality that has been in the spotlight and led to him being reprimanded by his church.

He has a rich past that includes his turbulent romance with Justin Bieber, as well as scandals with Laura. The worst part was when he came under fire for rumours that he is now dating Vanessa Hudgens.

Lentz also earned a nickname for his “shirtless preacher” stance. Lentz was especially famous for his “shirtless preacher” stance when he led the Hillsong Church of New York City.


Hillsong attendees once said Lentz was an egomaniac and a narcissist. His green room was famous for his dick photographs of himself.

It has been a turbulent time for the pastor’s career. And it got worse when rumors started that he was dating Vanessa Hudgens.


According to celebrity gossip, former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz had an affair. One of the most interesting tidbits of all is that he had an affair with a church member.

In fact, Carl Lentz has admitted to having an affair with a former Hillsong church member. However, he never revealed the identity of the woman he was having an affair with. If he did, it might lead to a embarrassing scandal.

Although the story might seem silly, there has been an investigation into various matters. Lentz Family is one suspect in the case. A number of suspicious dealings are revealed by the Internal Investigation Report regarding Carl Lentz and other Matters.


According to the story, the ex-Hillsong pastor was having a five month affair with another Hillsong member. He even went as far as to wear a necklace from the person he was having an affair with.


Influence on the millennials

Carl Lentz was the Hillsong Church NYC’s former pastor. His reputation is that of a young and hip pastor. He has rubbed elbows with celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Oprah. The internet is a great way to expand his reach.

Carl Lentz was born in Virginia Beach and attended the Baptist Church. The King’s College and Seminary, Los Angeles was where he studied after he left North Carolina State University.

After graduating, he became an assistant pastor for a youth church. His parents encouraged him and his family to participate in contemporary music ministries.

Lentz, along with his wife Laura, moved from Germany to New York City to promote Hillsong’s mass gatherings in the church-style. Their three children are theirs.


Laura and Lentz now create digital content. There are a variety of photos, quotes, and proud parenting moments on their Instagram accounts. The combination of the two is attractive to millennials.

Carl Lentz & Laura Lentz are married and live in Montclair (New Jersey). They have been together for more than 10 years. They worked tirelessly to establish the Hillsong New York Chapter.

Jesus Christ is the faith

Hillsong Church has many famous supporters. Justin Bieber is just one example. He was seen at worship services in the spring. Selena Gomez (his cousin) was also visible. Lentz’s affiliation with the popstar is not without controversy.

Originally, Lentz was part of a Baptist church in Virginia Beach. After graduating from college, he studied at Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia. He interned for Brian Houston during his final year.

Houston and Lentz quickly became close friends. Houston loved Lentz’s stories about basketball and his ability to namedrop. The Houstons family was also a part of his life. Joel Houston, the son of Houston, was also a supporter.


Lentz enjoyed a distinguished social life. Lentz was friends with athletes and celebrities, as well as other millennials.

Houston was attracted to Lentz’s youthful charisma and youth. It led to a rise in the profile of his church. Lentz also had the opportunity to visit Laura and other Houston relatives.

Lentz’s narcissistic behaviour was eventually exposed. He confided in a woman close to him. She claimed that he said to her that he was actually a sports agent. And he cheated on his wife, Laura.