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Pakistani Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam Died | Chicken Tikka Masala



Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam Died

Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam Died: Hey guys today I am going to share a shocking news about the death of  Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam, The Pakistani-Glaswegian chef who was best known for his invention of chicken tikka masala. Recently died at the  age of 77. His Shish Mahal restaurant, which will be closed for 48 hours in his memory, announced his death. There are many reasons for his death. Many questions are raised. below all about described him.

Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam Died |Inventor Of Chicken Tikka Masala

Andleeb Ahmed, his nephew, stated that he died on Monday. The Pakistani-Glaswegian chef, Ali Ahmed Aslam, died at 77. He created the recipe when he was working at a restaurant. In 1964, he opened Shish Mahal, a restaurant in Glasgow’s west end. Mr Ali’s funeral was held on Tuesday at the Glasgow Central Mosque. Several family members and friends paid tribute to him. A son, Andleeb Ahmed, said that his father was highly driven and worked hard.

Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam Died

When he was younger, Mr Ali moved to Glasgow with his family. He worked for charities in Scotland. He married and had five children. Ali Ahmed Aslam was a perfectionist. When he was recovering from a stomach ulcer, he invented a sauce from condensed tomato soup. He added several spices to the concoction. After he had mixed all the ingredients together, he tossed the chicken in the marinade.

The recipe was made popular by South Asian cooks in Great Britain. It is now served at restaurants around the world. Chicken Tikka Masala has become a national dish in the United Kingdom. Its popularity is rooted in British culture. Often it is eaten with naans or rice. This has led to a number of establishments in the country claiming to have originated the dish. But it is actually Mr Ali’s creation that is credited with making the chicken tikka dish famous. Ali made the sauce by mixing condensed tomato soup with spices. He then added a can of creamy tomato sauce and yoghurt to the gravy.

Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam Died

His nephew doesn’t believe he ate chicken tikka masala, but he did go to his restaurant for lunch every day. His cause of death has not been revealed and no confirmed information is available. His nephew stated that he felt unwell the year before and was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day. After receiving any information about him, we will update the article and share it with you.


Who was Ali Ahmed Aslam?

When one of his customers asked him to put some sauce on the dish, he said that it was an invention from 1970. He says that the dish was created in their restaurant, where it is used to make chicken tikka.

They believe that the chicken will be cooked with a sauce similar to the one he used for the chicken tikka. The sauce includes yogurt, cream and spices. This sauce is then popular in British restaurants. Although it is not possible to determine the origin of this dish, it is considered a Western-style curry.

He lived with his wife, two daughters and one boy. His family and friends expressed their love for him. There are many people who have shared their thoughts on his passing via social media. He will be remembered as the inventor and great cook of chicken tikka masala.

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