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Paige Lorenez Accuses Tyler For Using Her As A Media Storm



Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze stated that Tyler Cameron, her ex, told her he needed “a controversy” before the public disclosure of their unplanned relationship. Read on to know more about Paige Lorenze.

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Paige Lorenez Accused TylerPaige Lorenze

Sofia Franklyn, former co-host of CALL HIM DADY, said that it may sound arrogant, as he has a large following. However, she felt like he was exploiting her on her podcast “Sophia With An F.” Lorenze said that she got the impression that “he wanted a media storm.”

He was looking at my Instagram Story views, and noticed that I was getting more views than him. “She stated in her allegations.

Lorenze, 24, had previously dated Morgan Wallen, a troubled country singer, and Armie Hammer, a disgraced actor. She revealed that they first met through common acquaintances, as they “were going at all of the same events.”

The speaker said, “I was like, ‘this dude’ is a smokeshow,’ he’s large, he’s athletic and he’s attractive.” The 24-year-old model also stated that “s-t” had been said in the media about her relationships, which could be a reference to Wallen’s breakup.


She suggested that Cameron was seeking media attention as he was “launching some thing shortly”, that Cameron “believed he saw an opportunity — and not because he didn’t like me — but that that’s why he wanted the public to go public quickly,” which was her explanation of why Cameron wanted to make it public so quickly.

Page Six has an exclusive report that the “Bachelor” competitor who appeared on Hannah Brown’s 2019 season and came in second, started dating Lorenze at the beginning of July.

They broke up within two months of the photos taken. Lorenze was shocked when Cameron announced their split on national TV. “In all honesty, it was forced that we go the opposite direction. It wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t beneficial for us in any way.

He said, “So, it appears like we’re returning to not dating anymore.” A month ago, he was’s Pop’. Cameron stated that Lorenze and he are not together anymore, but that they still have a lot of respect for each other.