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P-plater faces new charges after fatal crash killing 5 children



P-plater faces new charges after fatal crash killing 5 children

A P-plater was driving dangerously at 45 km/h over the speed limit, according to a court. He crashed into a tree, killing five children and injuring himself in an accident in rural NSW.

After the fatal collision that left Buxton, south-west of Sydney, in ruins and caused extensive damage, Tyrell Edwards was charged with five additional offences.

Picton Local Court heard Friday that the 18-year old is facing five counts of aggravated unsafe driving occasioning death at speeds greater than 45 km per hour.

P-plater faces new charges after fatal crash killing 5 children

These new charges are on top of the five previous counts of dangerous driving occasioning fatality.

The police allege that the Bargo resident was driving his Nissan Navara at high speeds along East Parade in Buxton on September 6, when it spun out of control, and crashed into a tree.


He was the only survivor of the accident that killed his five passengers aged 14-16 years.

Summer Williams, Antonio Desisto and Gabriella McLennan were among the children who died at the scene.

According to court documents, police discovered a video of Mr Edwards on his phone one hour before the fatal accident. It allegedly shows him driving recklessly.

According to police, the P-plater drove at least 105km per hour on a 60 km/hr highway.

Police obtained a video that shows the teen driver holding his smartphone with one hand, and then “aggressively” turning it with the other while the car swerves violently.


According to police, witnesses on the scene heard Edwards say, “I f***ed up. I’m going into jail.”

The court heard that the brief of evidence was compiled by Director of Public Prosecutions. It was also served to the defense.

On April 14, the ten charges against Edwards will be remanded to court.

The teen is currently being held on bail, but he cannot leave his home except to attend the court or police station.

It is forbidden for him to sit in any motorized vehicle’s driver’s seat.


The families of the children who died in the crash were gathered at the courthouse to find out when the matter would be remanded to the court.

Reporters were told by them that locals in Wollondilly Shire were still recovering from the fatal and devastating crash.

One family member explained that the community would hold a memorial service later in the month to honor the five children who died in the fatal collision.

The festival will be called “The Festival of Summer”, in the hope that it will become an annual event.

It will take place at the George IV Inn, Picton, on February 18.


Craig Higgins (the manager of the venue) said that the families hoped that the “celebrations of remembrance”, would bring people together.

He said, “It’s something that they want to keep every year and… remember five.”

“Friends can come and remember the children every year. It’s very tragic to lose a friend at this age.

Live music, face painting, and a jumping castle will be featured at the festival’s 2pm start.

Mr Higgins stated, “We want everybody to come and enjoy this.”


“It’s not an event for 18 plus because the children weren’t 18 plus.”

The festival will feature colour cannons that emit the favorite colours of the deceased children during the festival.

A banner outside the George IV Inn promoting the upcoming event. | newslangmedia

Summer Williams will be pink, Gabriella McLennan will be blue, Gabriella McLennan will be blue, Lily Van de Putte will fly purple, Antonia Desisto will fly silver, and Tyrese Benchard will be orange.

In each child’s memory, the DJ will play two songs.

Tickets for the festival cost $40, and all proceeds will be donated to Summer’s mother.


Each year, the responsibility for choosing charity will be shared with another family member.